Kali River Rapids Queue Spiel

I need help filling in the blank for the spiel running 1:05, thanks!

"Hello, my name is Manisha Garome. I am the founder and manager of Kali Rapids Expeditions. When you board one of our rafts, you can look forward to an exciting, safe and very wet trip down a Class-4 stretch of beautiful river. My team and I believe that our river rides are more than just an exciting adventure. We believe they help spread a message to visitors about preserving wild places, like our forest. All around ____________________, logging companies in search of tropical hardwood have bitten deep into the jungle. When this happens, the traditional life of village and forest is destroyed forever. I created this river rafting enterprise to demonstrate there are non-destructive ways to bring revenue to the village. Because the more people like you who care, the better chance our jungle has of surviving. Thank you for choosing Kali Rapids Expeditions. We hope your journey will show you a world that is truly worth saving."


Playlist Author
I believe the word you are looking for is "Anadapur", the "village" in Asia. If I'm not mistaken, the woman's name may be "Monisha" instead of "Manisha", but I can't vouch for that.