"Just Like We Dreamed It" -DLP Anniversary Song!

hi guys,
i just heard a clip of new theme song to the "Once Upon A Dream" parade from Disneyland paris new 15th anniversary daytime parade! This song is truly magical! The song is a pure pop song and has a male and feamale vocalist who sing the song. The will be used in the parade show stops and will begin with a Disney Medley of classic songs interwoven into the main theme song. The music has been orchestrated by Steve Sidwell, most famous for his work on Baz Lurhman's 'Moulin Rouge!', where he transformed songs from across the decades into jazzy, larger-than-life dance numbers. It is expected Disney's greatest hits will be given the same dynamic and modern touch, with music orchestrated and then conducted by Steve Sidwell for the new soundtrack. The parade music is very much like Walt Disneys Parade of Dreams "Welcome" show stop music and has a good chance of being a hit! So get ready to be mezmerized by this song! The new parade will be unviled to the press march 31st with the premire in april so, be on the lookout! and here's hoping they will let us Disney music fans get a release of the music on CD!.