Just a fun picture!

There really is nothing I had to share or say...just wanted to post this fun picture! :)


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it's a donkey boy (hee hee ;D) and the Blue Fairy who are part of the Pinocchio/Snow White Snow Globe Unit of the "Share a Dream Come True Parade" (running daily at WDW's Magic Kingdom at 3pm!)



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It's so very obviously the parade... but my first instinct was Bottom and Titania from "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

So my wife and I went to Cinderella's at the castle...

because I love Snow White. When we had a chance to have our picture talken with her my wife and Snow White put their arms around each other....However, I was offered the opportunity to take her arm. Arghhhhh.

My wife thought that it was hilarious. She said "she is probably tired of being groped." In reality...I'm not a groping kind of guy!

So I went out looking for the Evil Queen, and found her hanging out by what used to be 20K (anyone else miss 20K everytime you see the empty lagoon?).

I explained the wounding that I was forced to endure at Cinderella's...and then I suggested that it might be time to bring out the old poison apple....