Julie Andrew's Voice is Completely Gone



Oh you guys are so gullible...anyway...Julie's voice IS missing...that is...from the new Karaoke series release, "Mary Poppins". For any of you closeted belters our there, this is a fun CD to hear (and sing to) despite the Julie and Bert wannabes on the guide vocal tracks.

Perhaps Randy can answer this question....there seems to be an inordinate amount or background noise on the tracks themselves...any guesses as to why that might be?

Anyhow...as a fan of this series, (minus the Lizzie release, etc.) I would recommend this one. Picked it up at the World of Disney Store in NY for less than 10 bucks. Go get it...sing it...live it...and celebrate Mary's 40th in the privacy of your own home!

And Shannon...if you buy this, you can sing along in the language of your choice!


Should not it be:

Julie AndrewS' voice is completely gone?

If her voice is missing, Julie should call 911 or check with "Lost & Found"!


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I've been avoiding the purchase of all those nerfangled Disney Karaoke CDs. With the advent of Mary Poppins, I might just start buying them.

Or maybe I'll keep saving my yen for Japan, for now.

My 40th birthday is just 17 months away....