Johnny Appleseed

There was this old Disney short called "Johnny Appleseed" I still remember the story very well as well as the music but I can't seem to find out anything about it. I don't know if it was ever released on a record and I highly doubt it would have ever made it on CD. One song I remember distinctly is called "The Lord is Good to Me" other songs may possibly be called "The Apple song" and the "Pioneers song"

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Hi Kyler, welcome to the discussion. Johnny Appleseed is out of print but frequently makes it to Ebay in the 78 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm formats, in both the 7 inch and 12 inch size. These were recorded by Dennis Day doing all characters. I am not sure if an original sountrack exists, but in the American Legends DVD there is a short intro by Walt Disney. A current auction of the LP is listed in the link below.


Though the actual film soundtrack was never released on vinyl records, there are actually three JOHNNY APPLESEED recordings by Dennis Day:
1. RCA VERSION. In the 1940's, Dennis Day made a multi-disc 78 RPM record set based on the sequence in the film MELODY TIME. It was later reissued on 45 RPM and LP records on the RCA Bluebird and RCA Camden labels. This richly-orchestrated recording is the most lavish ever produced.
2. CRICKET VERSION. This is a low budget children's version made by Pickwick in the late 50's/early 60's. It has no connection with the Disney version and contains completely different songs.
3. DISNEYLAND VERSION. Day recorded this for Disney in the early 60's with a small orchestra and chorus. It appeared as a single "DQ" LP and as a Storyteller "ST" album with an illustrated book. The three songs, "The Lord is Good To Me," "Pioneer Song" and "Apple Song," were released on side two of a 7" 33 RPM read-along read by Robie Lester. And for some weird reason, the only stereo versions of those same songs popped up on another Storyteller LP called STORIES FROM THE MOUSE FACTORY.


Good choice in music. I love "The lord is good to me". I discovered it while listening to "The Music of Disney, A Legacy in Song". ;D