Joel McNeely


Joel McNeely has posted several interesting compositions on his website - including the exit music from Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror and several tracks from Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. He's one of the few composers I know of that actually releases his beautiful scores to the public. Thanks, Joel!



I just made a note of this in the other thread.

I love this...I have never seen a composer give out so much of his music for free like that. So many little gems on his site...go check it out everyone!!!


Unbelievable, the Lincoln speech underscore. Never thought that would be released. Now if only we could hear it in the park instead of Steve Martin celebrating the 50th.

Oh and happy 52nd Disneyland!!


When you (er, whoever is having this problem) right click on a track, isn't there an option in the menu called "save ___ as" ?
Bill - are you using a, shall we say, Steve Jobs inspired piece of hardware?

When the file opens in Quick Time, select 'File' from the Apple menu, and then choose 'Save As' and save to your desired location. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut 'Apple + S' to save the file.


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Thanks for pointing out this site! It's great to have these attraction score pieces. I really had no idea he did TDS's Tower of Terror either. So, that now goes into my "Un-official" TDR album!