Jim Brickman: The Disney Songbook - Read Our Interview


Wow! Thanks for the news of this new album. I just listened to some of the audio samples at Jim's website and they sound amazing. Just beautiful. I can't wait to get this CD.

Thank you!

Chris :)


I listened to the audio samples on his website and I will be sure to pick up this CD. Great sounding stuff!


Just got the CD. It's AMAZING!!!! Definitely a "must purchase".

Have a great day,


I bought the CD on Monday, and it is great! Very much in the style of Jim Brickman's other works, which makes it enjoyable for me.

And I wouldn't have known to look for it if I hadn't read the interview here. :)
how coincidental! I borrowed his new CD from a pal of mine and am listening to it now!
It's GORGEOUS! I am not a huge fan of Wayne Brady's, but he sings the new song "Beautiful" and does a wonderful job with it!
Keep up the good work, Mr. Brickman!


I'm a Noob!
I watched the PBS special that ties in with this CD and loved it! The local PBS station is offering a 90 minute DVD (as opposed to the 60 minute broadcast version - it has seven extra songs) for pledges of $100. The DVD as a pledge incentive is mentioned on the Jim Brickman web site, but has anyone heard if there are plans for a commercial release of this DVD? I'd love to have it, but I don't think I can come up with an extra $100 at this time of year!

David S.

I've seen other musical PBS specials where the expensive CDs and DVDs that were available via the pledge drive were eventually released commercially, perhaps after a brief window of exclusivity via the PBS pledge. I have no idea if that will be the case in this situation or not, so I am not discoraging anyone from pledging if they want the video, just saying it may possibly be available at some point down the road ;)


Just an observation on my part:

When I read this interview, and then did a little research on the web I found this guy to by very self-absorbed.

Am I the only one who got this feeling from the guy?

It was just real off-putting to me and made me not want to get his music.

Did I read something wrong?

Tim C