Jerry Goldsmith passed away

I was just going to post this sad news. It came as quite a surprise this morning, as I hadn't known that he had been ill, especially given his consistent output of music.

His Mulan score will always be some of my favorite Disney music......he stands with the greatest of film music composers......quite a loss.

As a film music buff, this is a bit of a jolt because the generation of film music composers who emerged in the late 50s and 1960s and who helped me fall in love with the genre, have always had an eternal quality to them. In that era the generation of Miklos Rozsa, Franz Waxman, Alfred Newman and Bernard Herrmann began to give way to the new generation of Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams and Elmer Bernstein who dominated the great scores written for the movies for decades to come.

Jerry is now the first of the giants of that era to leave us, and as his family now mourns, those of us who have appreciated his score masterpieces like "The Blue Max", "Planet Of The Apes", "Patton" (for which he was shafted out of an Oscar by the undeserving score for "Love Story"), "The Sand Pebbles", "Capricorn One" the eerie "The Omen" (his only Oscar) and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."

RIP Jerry and thank you for the rich legacies that film music buffs like me will gladly listen to again and again for the rest of our lives.


He had such a diverse talent. I really liked his score for "The Trouble With Angels" starring Hayley Mills and Rosland Russell.


I saw this news this morning before work, and it's really saddened me. Jerry Goldsmith is one of the composers that really kickstarted my love of film scores with his work for the Star Trek franchise. And my soundtrack of 'The Mummy" is so listened to, that I'm afraid I'll wear it out. A sad day, indeed. :'(



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I too heard of the news this morning via the 'AP' news link, as well as hearing the news later in the day on the TV. :'(

It's kind of funny that Jerry's first animated film score that he did, 'Don Bluth's-The Secret Of NIMH' was done as he said: ' I would a live action picture.' And it worked!

The ironic thing is also that his last score was for a Live-Action/Animated film: 'Loonie Toons: Back In Action' that nobody went to see.

Still, as a kind of quiet salute of sorts, I went thru and played 'NIMH, Mulan, Soarin'g, ect...up until a few hours ago. I also once heard a rumor that if they were going to do 'Soarin'g Over The US for Florida, Jerry would be involved with that as well...

Anyway--thanks Jerry. For all the wonderful notes you sent our way....

"If our music survives, which I have no doubt it will, then it will because it is good."--Jerry Goldsmith
Thanks for mentioning "The Sand Pebbles," Eric, a favorite film of mine since I saw it as a kid--and now one of my favorite scores of Jerry's. I'm so glad that we now have a version of the score(though not complete) with him conducting.

Now I'm really looking forward to "Soarin' " at Epcot, as I didn't know that Jerry had composed the accompanying music.