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OK...lets discuss Jeff's growing appreciation for the DCA experience.

"But I really enjoy climbing on tractors". Come to think of the tractor still there Jeff?


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FWIW, we went to DLR and DCA's for 3 days in July. DCA kept our interest for...oh, mebbe 4 hours. The tractors would have been the highlight of the trip, but the tortillas definitely won out .

BTW is there ANYONE who wins a WWTBAM polo shirt in DCA? I REALLY wanted to win one and spent all day that Sunday, playing. I've won 3 shirts at MGM and have even gotten up to the 125,000 point question before I crapped out, but the questions at DCA are a LOT harder from 8,000 points on. Anyone wanna trade a DCA shirt for an MGM shirt?

Actually its Sharon, Jeff & Bean Counter's Own Topic

Jeesh, I'm away for two weeks and I have 33% of a topic! I'll have to see why as I scan other posts.

and Bean..
DCA - A great or good park in about 25 years ..maybe.
The tractor is still ther but looks like it could get Flik'd off at anytime (I kill me)

Disneyland - Come join in the magic of .. a legacy we have deteriorated to an almost unrecognizable fashion.
Speaking of fashion dont we look so much like the Disney Stores now?

Sharon -Never been in the hot seat (just ranked # 3 last week though) fast fingers have never been a strong suit.



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Ahem....uh Jeff? You're actually 50% of a topic. "Jeff and Bean's Own Topic" is comprised of 2 people. You're 1 person. That's half. Boy they don't teach you well in Orange County, do they? It's OK...I'm going to be living in the "other" Orange County in about 4 weeks (we close on the house 2 weeks from today) and I don't think their school system is any better .

As for Millionaire...forget about Fastest Fingers...the winner of THAT is just someone who has no clue of the answer and keys in B-D-C-A really fast (and yes, I DID get into the Hot Seat one time that way ). Your best chances of winning is when one of those BDCA people have just got in...chances are they'll crap out early so if ou can hang in there and answer quickly when the questions are flying, you may have a chance.

Oooh, Jeff, yet another swipe slung at the poor, dying Disney Store--gosh, it's getting almost painful to go into our local Maine version! But where else can we be in direct contact with reportedly employees of the Walt Disney Company, so we can keep them up to date with the latest Randy Thornton audio creation which we just bought at the local Borders, or such, which will more than likely never make it to the shelves of the Disney Store which is much too busy clearing shelves for the latest festive Pooh wear which I suppose I could buy at our wondrous Walmart if I ever felt so inclined--am I making myself clear? Boy, if it weren't for that ever- looming spectre of Walt that appears every time that now nebulous term, "Disney", pops into mind, ........ Mike. P. S. And speaking of popping, I know I'll still probably pop in to the Disney Store this weekend if we venture to the mall--but you know how those abusive relationships go, .......
The one remaining Disney Store is truly...

so pathetic that I can hardly stand to visit. Went in last weekend to see if they were selling this Decembers dvd's (they weren't), and I was amazed at how low they had sunken. There is virtually no art for sale, few books and very little music. What they did have was a vast assortment of what appeared to be childrens Disney character Halloween costumes, which wouldn't have fit me very well, even if I was inclined to wear one (which I'm not). Damn... Just what a boomer such as myself needs...matching parent/child Halloween Costumes. We really need to stop beating up on TDS. It's way too easy, and doesn't provide much of a challenge.

Jeff...any Disney Radio news that you can get me caught up with?

Also, please get them to fix DCA by the summer of 2004. I will be in the neighborhood. I can show you where Walt is buried if you have wheels. Show you the locations of the old studios (if I can remember where they are), or take you past Walt's Last Home. Did I tell you that when we were driving there we passed Diane at a stop sign?

Maybe they can bring back Light Tragic...

See it before IT BLOWS away!
....and then they go and create something like Haunted Mansion Holiday, which although I haven't seen it, seems quite imaginative, given the current state of affairs(even if it was built upon a pre-existing idea). They just continue to try and convince us that Tokyo isn't the only place where old-fashioned imagineering lives..... Mike.
Just to let you guys know..
I have been offline for a couple weeks and had to reregister (until Trent helps me out, I'm earning my ears again)
The real Jeff

Bean :Jeff...any Disney Radio news that you can get me caught up with?"

No but I'm sure MSN will come out with an inferior satellite radio service to challenge XM and Disney will be on it now that Gates and Eisner are partners! stay tooned


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POOR Jeff...back to earning his heart's just bleedin' for ya, son .

Speaking of Radio Disney...anyone ever find out what happened to Just Plain Mark & Zippy yet?

Last time at Dland, I looked into the "studio" under the Rocket rods "old" boarding area and all of the Mark and Zippy stuff and signs were gone. Must have wanted new paint or somethig atrocius!

BTW Sharon, I told you Bean and I only have 66% of this topic. The other 33 is our beloved SK!
You just wont let us sleep.


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Don't sell yourself short...this is YOUR topic. And Bean's too (though I think he's even more quiet than you are). I butt into enough topics as it is...I just happened to INVENT this one .

As for JPM&Z....something BIG had to have happened, cuz one day they were there and one day they weren't and there wasn't a word about it. Nothing. Even now, if you look for their names on the 'net, they're just gone. Like they never existed. Which is a shame because I thought they were the best DJ's on the whole station.


Congrats, Jeff! ;D

I'm a Red Sox fan...and those damn Angels of yours never gave us even a glimmer of hope in that end-of-the-regular-season Wild Card race! :'(

Damn Yankees! Damn Angels! For the Red Sox, its simply a matter of fill-in-the blanks:

Damn _____________!

(I was rootin' for your Angels to win the series! I'm always faithful to the American League!)
Angels !

Thanks Mike!

I always go for the Sox in any game except the Angels.
They are my 2nd team (hey ..I enjoy the melancholy!)

It looks like Bonds had his game 6 Buckner moment Sat. night (and the idiot Fox broadcasters were still talkin' MVP. EGADS)

Couldn't afford tickets but we all walked outside to listen to the fireworks from the ED during the commercial.

Ahem .. and as long as i have the floor.
Disney could learn a thing or two from this Team. No fall guys. No Stars. No Monkey business (grin)
Teamwork and hardcore fans.

Go Red Sox and Angels in the ALCS next year.

(Angels in 6!)



It has been a fantastic season this year, with an incredible finish!!! It reminds me of that old Disney movie about the Angels, too. So beat your Thunderstix, wave the Rally Monkey and believe in Angels!
Angels !

Yankee's & Mets!
Cmon Sharon...
Angels= 1/2 the salary and twice the heart.

and they are owned by your favorite company.

(of course they filmed a DLand commercial after game 7 and then the muckeymucks arranged for them to parade in .. DCA! of course) [could have used a rally monkey there]


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I'm a Native New Yawka...I GOTTA love Dem Yanks and Dem Mets. Well, it's as much love as one who's not really a baseball fan can muster, anyway (hence the term "woodwork fan"...when they're in the Series, we come out of the woodwork).

My husband and I had already figured out if they won, the victory parade would be at DCA. Wow...I bet there were PEOPLE there that day and EVERYTHING!

They are closing down the Disney Club...

(yeah, I know that the benefits sucked), and all you folks can talk about is baseball?

I really miss the Magic Kingdom Club. I recall saving $1000.00+ a a couple of vacations.

Anyone know why the shut down is taking place. I must confess that every time that I got the new coupons I was always underwhelmed at the offers. A free wine glass at Fultons is not enough to get me in the door...