And to make sure that we stay ON TOPIC...

So...anyway...Roy and Stanley were going through World of Disney with a fine tooth comb looking anxiously for the new Walt Disney World Official Album. There had been rumors on the Disney Music Discussion Forum that the new disc would include the rare, hard-to-find tracks, Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me), Grim Grinning Ghosts, and The Enchanted Tiki Room ? Under New Management.

As they were wandering through the store Roy began talking about George W. Bush being in the White House

Roy said, "Well, ya know, Bush is a 'post turtle'." Not
knowing what Roy meant, Stanley asked him what a post turtle was. Roy said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle."

Roy saw a puzzled look on the Stanley's face, so he
continued to explain, "You know he didn't get there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid bastard get down."
Hey Jeff...where are you? I need to discuss....discuss...discuss my....BIG VACATION PLANS with you. Whew...I feel better. We plan on doing 66 to California only I'm not going to take any slides...I'm just going to recount EVERYTHING right here in this private thread for a select private group.

While at DL we can hook up and discuss Disney Music Current events.

One favor...will you introduce me to my hero...Al Lutz. I know that you are connected so try to put this

Are they bringing back light tragic this summer?

Your friend in Disney Music.....DBC
Actually Al knows me...

sorry I've been away. After Cardiac arrest and a week in a hospital .. anyway I'm back and all better.
(Up to 4 miles a day walking and down 17 pounds.)
Lovin life.

(By the way wasn't that fence post turtle a Zig Ziglar parable?)

Let me know your plans Bean!

Jeff still kickin in OC
Cardiac Arrest...

Sorry to hear that. Probably all of that day to day stress of worrying about what they are going to do next to your park.

Good to hear that you are on the mend.

Would you like me to share my Disney Cruise experience with you?


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WOW Jeff. Sorry to hear about THAT! Glad you're feeling better though.

Don't tell him about your cruise'll just given him another cardiac arrest...

I wanna know!!!!!!

I'll trade you a cruise experience for a DL -"we dont refill coffee anymore sir" story! (But Matt Quimett is good for the park)

And thanks for your concern Sharon, It was a clot, not a Disney story.

....but it may have been Roys deal ... I duuno.



Jeff, this is a repost of a message that I was so inconsiderate as to post to Sharon on a OA WDW thread. The respones were emotional and creative. The original post was on a thread titled
New OA @ WDW. Not. which saw its last post on 3/26. Enjoy.
We just got back from the 7-night Western Caribbean cruise and I have to confess that my evaluation of this experience really seems to mirror yours in many ways.

Our favorite excursion was the Ghost Tour in Key West, which we found on our own. Well worth the $15.00. Also a trip to The Garden of Eden bar in Key West was a real eye opener. I was amazed that, in the end, Key West was, hands down, my favorite onshore experience.

We did the Tulum trip. My wife loved it but I have been to Chichen Itza, so it wasn?t quite as impressive to me. We did the deep-sea dive (900 feet) in The Grand Caymans and that was fun. We also went to Hell which I loved due to its tackiness. I love roadside attractions so this makes sense.

The food was lousy, consistently, in the main dinning rooms. The servers were wonderful so we really didn?t want to complain (much). Thank god for Palos. PJ and the staff at Palos made the dining experience for us. Technically...a guest is only supposed to be allowed one champagne brunch and one dinner. However, when I told them of the awful meals that we were getting in the main dinning rooms they took pity on us and we had 4 brunches and three dinners. Every single entree that we had at Palos was as good or better than any meal that we have ever had anywhere. Plus...there are no kids a Palos, so it was blessedly quiet. The charge for diiners at Palos has increased to $10 a person, but is still well worth it.

You were right about 99% of the castmembers being old school Disney. I think that the 1-% who weren?t so wonderful would be a group comprised only of...the Captain. He was a little dour. Rachel (must have worked on the love boat) was so sweet and chirpy that she made my teeth hurt.

I am not a big shopper so that part of it didn?t work for me. My wife bought $700.00 worth of jewelry. I bought five T-shirts. lol

Overall a positive experience.

Laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!
"teeth hurt"... I can see her with that description
...your acidic wit gives you a pass to post up anything here IMHO Bean!

OK here a goes my story .. not a fair trade btw

We go to Dl this winter to see Believe and watch it snow, always a charming experience even though I refrain from celebrating Christmas on principle, it is a good show. I cant help screaming "Hello Bedford Falls" after its over and the snow is still in the air. It brings a laugh from the crowd and my family rolls their eyes.. but they still go with me.

I grab a coffee at Toontown and we make the slow shuffle back towards Main St. I stop at Coke corner for a refill. That?s when I run into the Coffee Nazi.
"Did you purchase that here?" She interrogates looking at my barely cool cup. Yes I reply I purchased it today (I used to be so cheap that I tried saving my cup year round but my wife, bless her, usually threw the cup away between trips. [I just grossed Sharon out])
Back to fraulien Cast member Helga: "Do you have a receipt?" I look puzzled with that "dog that just dooty'd on the carpet - what did I do wrong?" look. "No receipt, no coffee, next please" dismissing me.
"Look maam, I am a premium Passholder..."
" No sir, no exceptions" she snipped giving me a steely eyed expression that would have made Martha Stewart proud, and went on to wait on soccer mom behind me who was checking to make sure I wasn't armed.

I was already irritated with every e-ticket ride being closed along with most of Tomorrowland .. so I march my half quota caffeine induced self over to City hall to complain. After waiting for a brief 1/2 hour for all of the folks to get their line cutting disabled passes (no wheelchairs in sight) I approach the hapless CM at the desk. I ask, in by best Clint Eastwood.."I cannot get a refill on a 8oz cup of coffee any longer? Its bad enough that its watered down and costs 2.50 .. but now, no refills?".

Seeing the postal clerk look in my eyes, the nice fellow excuses himself to make a call to a manager.
After a hushed conversation in back on the phone he bravely steps forward and pronounces,
"Yes sir, I am afraid that this is our new policy. No refills across the park. Refills are only given in one sitting and at the same restaurant."

I look at my cup. I look back at the nice CM.
I launch the final assault.

"I appreciate your position. Now hear mine.
I am a stockholder. I am a premium Passholder along with my wife. We just returned from a week in WDW. We spend thousands each year enjoying what your company has to offer. When a mid level manager is miserly about a cup of coffee that costs the company less than 15 cents to brew, it makes me feel angry and betrayed. I am not blaming you, you seem to be genuinely a nice person.
But I hope Mr. Eisner gets thrown out on his ear and someone that is a real man that can bring this company back to its roots. I will not be back for a while."
I walked out.

[Note I did not throw the empty cup on the ground or anything that may overshoot the drama of the situation.]

epilogue: I got over it. Here's how:

I rode Dumbo with my 2 and 3/4 yr old nephew for his first time. It was a few weeks back after my heart attack and recovery. If you want to go back to your days when you could taste the magic of Disneyland, take a toddler that sees past the company, to the pixie dust. It has been one of my best experiences at the Park in years.

now I take a small thermos .. btw (grin)


Sharon - Did you catch Jim Hill's Wal-Mart & Disney story on 4/1? Sounds familiar somehow..


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Please note that *I* was the one who began the "New OA at WDW. Not" thread. The virtual QUEEN of Off Topicness (on a board where I've been a Moderator for about 10 years, I have my very own topic...The Black Hole). If anyone has the right to complain that said topic went WAY away from the original thread, it was me. And I clearly didn't give a $#!+.

But I digress.

As for drink refills...personally, I wouldn't be caught dead getting coffee at a Disney park anyway. It's all a frozen brew of Nescafe and half the time you have to specifically ask a CM for real milk to be able to get anything beyond Creamora (I usually resort to telling them I'm allergic to non-dairy creamers ). When we had our Disney Fairytale Wedding, we had them put it IN WRITING that we were going to get REAL brewed coffee and REAL milk, just to play it safe.

The Drink Nazi sounds like the perfect match for my in-laws who do, INDEED, save their cups. Doesn't gross me out as much as makes me shake my head on the level of their cheapness. These are the same people who take 20 napkins when they buy an ice cream cone, use 1 and then take the other 19 home, "just in case." Who take every packet of sugar in the sugar holders...even though they have sugar at home. Whose entire collection of bathroom towels are white because that's what they've stolen from hotels. And THEN come home from vacation and write complaint letters. Just drives me nuts .

(just 1 week back from Reno, Sonoma and San Francisco, all of which are better than the Disney Cruise. Well, maybe not Reno.)