Jack Wagner's Collection



On the former version of this board, someone once listed in fantastic detail, the music library tracks which were used in Disneyland. For some reason, I seem to remember it being the "Capitol" or was it "Columbia" music library. I also seem to remember the discussion being about Tomorrowland tracks. If you're still reading, and posting, would you repost any info about which records were used in the older days of Disneyland.


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Bill, I remember that too. I think it may have been capitol, but I also recall that Jack Wagner had other obscure stuff that spanned a bunch of different labels. He was the one who found "Baroque Hoedown". It was on one of his LP's of Perrey/Kingsley stuff.

The only thing I remember (I think) was that the PeopleMover tracks were from the Capitol label.

Does anybody else know more???