I've been touched!!


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I'm new to this forum and I have a request. I recently returned from my first trip to wdw's magic kingdom. Went with my wife and three year old daughter, what a wonderful and magical time we had. I've been downloading Disney classic songs and buying the classic movies for a long time now, but what really got to me was the background music that plays in the tomorrowland area! It's awesome and I find it really captures the spirit of the area's theme perfectly. Where can I find this music for download or for purchase?

Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated!!



I am glad you had a great time and welcome to the boards. The Tomorrowland BGM is really cool and fun to listen to. If you head over to Rodentsections you can find the full loop for it as well as TONS of other great music and in case you need help everybody there are extremely helpful.