iTunes 8



It's out, kids. I like the new Genius feature (mainly because I have more than just Disney music :D).



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Yep. Both musically and otherwise.



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I'm far too stupid to come to terms with iTunes.
I find it a total pest and have had to disable half the stuff to stop the takeover of everything else on my PC.
Great idea in theory but, for us old'uns, a little mystifying :-
I got it as an unwelcome addition to Quicktime player.
It works GREAT with a MAC. What a shame it's not so great on a PC. I do have to say I don't see why it needs to be updated so often. As long as I can organize and play my music, I'm happy.

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Until it supports FLAC...
Apple Lossless works perfectly fine for me and I've tried 'em all over the years.

I could care less.
What you mean to say is that you couldn't care less. Saying that you could care less implies that you truly do care on some level - perhaps 6 out of 10 - when you are actually trying to express a level of interest equal to zip, zero, nada.

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Bill said:
What about batch metadata replacement?
I don't know what kind of replacement(s) you have in mind, but iTunes already allows batch edits by way of the 'Get Info' screen. You can select as many tracks as you want, do 'Get Info,' and then change most all tags, sort fields, and options to match whatever you want. You could grab 346 'Rap' tracks, for example, and instantly change their genre to 'cRap.' Although, in this case, I'd probably just click on 'Delete' instead of 'Get Info.'
Bill, please don't refer to my metadata with that derogatory term, thank you.

Genius (oh, how I love to rip the folks at the Genius bar) is interesting. Let's just say some of the Genius playlists leave me wondering what drugs the folks in Cupertino were on when they created the algorithms but, on the whole, no major complaints and I mostly like the recommended tunes feature.


Unless it looks (including the logo) and acts (with plugins) 100% like Winamp and uses less memory than Winamp, I couldn't care less. ;)

PS, by "care less" I mean not at all. :p

Rich T

Works fine on both my Windows desktop and laptop. In the couple of years I've been using iTunes, the very, very few and brief problems I've had are nothing compared to the gazillion tons of fun, ease, and new music it's brought me. Now...I want one of those new orange Nanos!
I too love apple lossless, but I wish it played flacs for the simple reason that other people use them and I would like this one application to play everything.

And if I could get the kitchen sink with that and get them to pay me for using it, that would be lovely as well.


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Hi all.

This is Rob Bendtzen. I am totally blind. I love Disney music with all my heart.

A while ago, I mentioned that ITunes was inaccessible with my screenreader. Well, now I am happy to report that I can use ITunes with the current version of my screenreader. I am using ITunes 8.01 for Windows and it works fine.

In preparation for Halloween, I downloaded Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House and it sounds great. Has anybody else downloaded it?