It's Out - Magic Kingdom Events CD


Just saw it on the rack and have a friend picking it up for me now. More information to come as soon as I have it in my hands.


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The Event CD is music from the Halloween and Pirate & Princess party. The CD cost 24.98 and the sku number is 50087 11136. The CD includes the following:

The Boo to You Halloween Parade [NOT THE FULL PARADE]
Enchanted Adventures Parade
Magic, Music & Mayhem
Halloween Villians Mix and Mingle
Pirate & Princess "Main Street Yo Ho"
Dream Along with Mickey

I was told that the CD was only available at the MK, only sold on party nights, and was not going to be offered through mail order. I say if you are interested in purchasing the CD, you still try and call mail order. The information given to me could be incorrect.


HA! I should have read this before posted above. I ordered the 50th boxset from mail order but I've lost the info.


Could I get DL, WDW Mail order numbers or whatever you guys use.

Also what are your other *sources* for finding the parks music (besides ebay, I got that one covered). I've got alot of music to catch up on!


Okay, so my review on the new release:

The good:
~ We finally have Magic Music and Mayhem as source audio.
~ While the full introduction is missing, we have the closing chorus to Boo to You. It was previously not available anywhere online. Also, we have a full introduction of the Enchanted Adventures Parade, not on any rehearsal CD.
~ Source audio of the Villains Mix and Mingle and the "Main Street Yo Ho".
~ While Dream Along was floating around from rehearsal cds, there was never the "See Ya Real Soon" Mickey dialog at the end of the playoff. This is included on the cd.

The Not So Good:

~ The track names for some of the songs are just CRAZY. So much so, that it's kinda funny. Some of my favorites:
1)"Halloween Hootenenny Hoedown"
2)"The Fairy Godmother Gets Busy"
4)"Dreams of Adventurous Exploits"

~ The CD packaging in nice, but we have no backstory on the parties. No event pictures. No lyrics. No anything, There is a four page fold out which just lists song credits. Another negative is that when you add to your iTunes library, no track names or any other information comes preloaded onto the cd.

But, I am so glad we have finally seen a release of this nature. I'm guessing we will see a separate Christmas CD with the new parade, Castle lighting show, and a rerelease of Holiday Wishes.

I'm kind of excited...Very vague cd name and cover...Kinda Tokyoish. Maybe we'll see a release every year?


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I was told you couldn't and I saw another post on a different website that said the same thing. All I can tell you is to call WDW and try to order it.




WDW Mail Order doesn't open again until Monday at 9AM so I guess we probably won't know 'til then. Maybe someone at the MK this weekend can tell us if it's at the Emporium (or anywhere else for that matter) during regular theme park hours?


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Just to clarify about one of the points of complaint - no CD, when importing to iTunes or anything else, has any track information encoded on the CD itself. When you put a CD in your drive to either play or rip in iTunes, your computer goes online and retrieves the track data from an online database, based on the ID formula of the CD (# of tracks, track lengths, etc.). If nothing is coming up for this CD, it's because nobody has submitted the data to a database yet.

And I'm some irritated - I left the park this morning after a week there and never saw this CD!


Caution: The following is me being annoyed and picky about the parade mixes even though I have no professional experience in the audio field or formal education in the matter. On that account I apologize for calling someone's work and effort bad but this project sounds very rushed and undemo'd to me. :p

I've listened to the boo to you parade and enchanted adventures parade.

This is the absolutely worst mixed set of audio I have ever heard Disney release. The audio levels are horrid. The mono music to stereo vocal jumping clashes like hell.

The music ducking for character vocals is rushed and sounds very jumpy, it's mostly an issue for Mickey/Minnie and Clara Cluck jumping into the track. It makes the transition to pirates sound bad because they drop the volume for mickey and jump it up just to fade down into pirates. Don't like it =). And they glitched up the loop at the beginning of the haunted mansion unit so there's a quick audio pop between loops just like in the rehearsal cd. yay. nice they included the ending, but the skip to it was kind of dumb, they should've just given us a loop of the underliner. and they missed the "it's not so scary" lines :)

Enchanted Adventures parade... ooooh dear lord. There was a very good reason on my own mix of the parade I didn't jump straight into "whistle while you work", and they just demonstrated it heh. (And oddly when I sync'ed up the tracks like it is on the cd I hadn't even heard the real parade yet and they ended up moving the intro back a few bars, so this cd isn't synced up authentically either but that's not really a concern of theirs ;) )

And the transitions between floats.. god =P They couldn't fade out snow white in time from going "whis..." Then going out of the next float they completely cut out the float too early and pump the introduction music again of all things?!??? So then it's pirates.. they didn't put the underliner in during "enchanted world's of grand adventures can come true".. understandable but still the pirates' line is supposed to play off of it.

And then they jump to the ending without doing the last music loop for the castle.

What the heck was that?!? :p Blech
Hey people,

I wanted to let you know I ordered the new MK party CD today from WDW mail order services ... total came out to 34 bucks and some change ... which includes the (almost) 10 bucks for shipping.



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"This is the absolutely worst mixed set of audio I have ever heard Disney release. The audio levels are horrid. The mono music to stereo vocal jumping clashes like hell."

So, are you saying it's even worse than the audio mixes that come out of Disneyland Paris?? :)


Worse than a DLP mix?? IMPOSSIBLE! ;) Whatever the quality may be, let's just be thankful these tracks were released at all. I'd rather have a not-so-good source recording of something than no recording at all.

Support the musicians, buy the CD! :)
Have a great day,
you know what Rick is right!
were even lucky that they put this out because most of these tracks were never going to be released! your lucky that someone at WDW thought of selling a CD like this for event members! because half the time they don't ever release any anything from a show or parade, if they do its re-edited or cut shorter than what was originally heard. Im very happy that someone from Florida was nice enough to send me a copy so instead of saying negative things about this CD just be happy that its out there and available. Even if its the worst thing you ever heard be happy that you can listen to something!.


Paris doesn't need to mix their parade cds, because those are only 1 song anyways ;)

The CD is still worth buying, all of the show and fireworks audio is great. There isn't much chance of screwing that up since it's already a pre-packaged show. And I certainly appreciate stuff got released at all. But I'll still hold my contempt for the parade mixes =)


Got my CD yesterday and I love it! Since I'm a huge fan of Dream Along with Mickey, it's nice to have a recording of the actual show. In addition to Mickey's line during the Playoff, some of Donald's dialogue during the Pirates sequence and sound effects (after shouting "Dreams Come True!") are included that weren't on the rehearsal tracks floating around.

Nice to see that someone at Disney is listening and decided to release these tracks.



In France we say: "Vaut mieux entendre ?a que d'?tre sourd!"

"Better hearing that than being deaf!"

8) :D

Or, better than a sharp stick to the eye. I couldn't agree more!!

My CD arrived today ... Thank you to the powers that be for releasing this wonderful CD. It may not be what everybody wants but it has a little something for all of us (IMHO). If this is the first release of many, I couldn't be happier .... hopefully more of these speciality disc's will be released in the near future ... and I'll purchase everyone of them!



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Yeah, I got mine this weekend, and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, LOL! Ok, it may not have been the best editing, but for the most part, I'm very happy with it. It's definately not as bad as some of the DLP CD's. I do hope there will be a Christmas event CD too.