Is this from a WDW Holiday loop?

I was streaming Utilidors the other day and heard the song "White" from Disneyland LP WDL-3026 Winter. There were others from this album and it sounded like a Christmas loop?? I checked a few of the listings here for Holiday music at WDW but so far have not found if they used any of them. Can anybody verify whether they were used or not at WDW?


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I have not seen these tracks used before but I don't have information for every Christmas loop used on property. Sometimes Utilidors posts music that is not actually used in the park but where the CD was sold at the park.


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That's the problem with some sites. I was searching for the music of the Welte Orchestrion and found it on one well-known site (which was Fantastic ;) ) only to be told by the guy who compiled it for them that it wasn't (or, at least most of it wasn't) actually used in the park. It was a "this is how it sounds" example of Disney tunes played on a similar instrument. I do wish they would tell you.