Is Randy Thornton still at Walt Disney Records?

I'm curious to know...

Is Randy Thornton still working at Walt Disney Records? If so, will he continue to give us great, fresh new material for future Disney theme park albums?

Also, has anyone heard about any new Disneyland or California Adventure OAs yet?

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I have every reason to believe that Randy's still there; I trust we would have heard if he wasn't. As for the Theme Park CD's, well we have to remember what limited power creative people have. It' like blaming Imagineers for when an attraction (or Theme Parks) budget gets cut. Randy has proven time and time again that he knows what we like, and he gives it to us when he can.
In an earlier post he did mention that there wouldn't be any new OA's for the CA parks though. Maybe next year.
It's nice to know he's still around.

I still hope that he'll make the next WDW official album and put lots of new, never-before-released material (Journey into Imagination with Figment, Food Rocks, Muppet-Vision, more area music, etc.)

I also think it would be nice if he could be able to make seperate albums each of the 4 WDW parks--maybe sometime in the future, he'll get that chance.
I seem to recall a post here about a year or so ago that said (can't remember who sent it, and I haven't the FAINTEST idea how to retrieve it right now - i'm at work) Disney Management had strongly requested that Randy not post on here.

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That wouldn't be at all surprising. Let's hope it's not true because it was awesome to have his input, but as long as he's still with the company, that's all I care about.

Jessica L

At least we now understand what :- meant...


Dr. Know

Thanks, Bill. That's not what I was hoping it was about... I thought maybe it included some hint of the future of the DL forever system. Oh, well... :-
I remember some time ago someone got argumentative with Randy about something, he probably thought who needs this...and since that occurance he hasn't been around much. I would suspect that he still reads this message board, but lets face it, there isn't much of interest coming out of WDR right now, so he probably doesn't have anything to tell us.

Plus...who wants to be attacked when they are trying to be helpful.

Could always call him and see how things are...Randy, if you are reading this...we miss you.
I was one of the few that caught Randy's post late one evening, gone the next least we know that he still may be listening to us......Mike.
I agree with Bean, (for a change).

We all get fed up with the board from time to time and or get to busy (except Sharon of course). Just imagine if you had to clock in with the mouse every day and read the whole board with a host of questioners. [Maybe Disney's in house spyware registered to many hits here rom his terminal? just a thought]

Randy lasted a lot longer than many of us would in his position. May the wind always be at your back Randy.


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Hey, I do SO get busy! I read the boards here and make sure you don't make trouble. That, in itself, is enough to keep me busy!

(who, BTW, is getting back into the working world)