IRC Help Needed

I've been away from accessing the IRC disney-central forum for sometime and in trying to get back to it have found the procedure to become unbelievably confusing from what it once was. Could someone please explain just what it is I'm supposed to do to access the list of files available, especially from the popkidwdw list which keeps putting me in a window in which I have only 30 seconds to act (who came up with that??) and there are no clear instructions for getting a list of files?


Hi!! They have a file list up at that you can look through. And to get the files to download without having to click the accept window, you have to go into your IRC program's options and set them to automatically accept DCC sends. :)

There are few occasions when something gets me royally ticked off, but what has happened to me with #Disney-Central on IRC is one of them.

I have been struggling to try and figure out how to work this system because it is completely different from how it was the last time I regularly joined in last summer. Last night I finally began to figure things out but got confused again repeatedly on the nature of how to download movie files. In particular there are a batch of avi files with high MB space that are for some reason never available when a request goes through for them.

At any rate, having repeatedly struggled to figure out whether my request was going through, I then began to get some inkling that some people running this thing thought I was some kind of clone trying to cause trouble. I have never participated in chats but there was some topic on the subject about this. Next thing I know, I'm suddenly disconnected and all subsequent attempts I make to try and get back on give me some junk about being "banned."

I am to put it bluntly furious. I am not a clone, or a troll I'm just a user from way back who finds these new procedures that have been set up for requesting and getting a file to be the most idiotically confusing thing I have ever seen, and who was trying my best to wade through it after having been used in the past to a system that was far easier and simpler. Not only do these 30 second cutoff times to try and get into a directory to request a file put a needless burden on a user, there are no longer coherent messages sent out about whether you're in a queue or if you're waiting in one etc. If this is how this IRC is now operating in such a rotten fashion that they take a simple case of confusion to be some sinister clone attack and deny me access to these files, then I guess my only response on the way out the door is to say to hell with them.


I too am rather upset at how the mIRC Disney channel is being run. It's not only a difficult process (unless you type 40 words per minute, thankfully I do), but you have to now wait in a queue with everyone that is logged in at the time. It was cumbersome prior to this, but now it's impossible to download more than 8 files a day (4 in your queues max at a time) due to the number folks and requests for larger files in there.

At any rate, I've luckily spoken with a few of the folks while logged in and we've traded many BGM files and other hard to find files that I didn't previously have. So, I got something positive out of it.

Jessica L

I've been using a Sun computer in my Comp Sci class, so luckily the cd, ls, etc. codes make sense to me. Unfortunately, something is keeping the files from downloading on my computer! I tried to get the Wishes soundtrack as it has been stuck in my head, so I got in the queue (waited over 4 hours!) but only 35% downloaded and then it stopped. On all subsequent attempts it downloaded for max 5 seconds, then said transfer incomplete. I tried for a few days, but got so sick of waiting 5 hours I gave up!

I went to the DCC Options, but I do not see the place to check off automatic sends - which is a little discomforting. And now there only seems to be one person sharing files, unlike the 5 or so that were sharing last year. I'm very confused, and annoyed by it as well - glad to know it's not just me having problems!

In a ways its comforting to know that I'm not alone in having problems with this. And you're right Jessica, it was better when we had a choice of about 3-4 lists to download from instead of this confusing way with only one.

And why does this list have avi movies on its video list for things like "If You Had Wings" and "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" among other things, but these avi files are never available to download? It was my attempt to do that with one last night that caused the trouble when I got no clear reply on whether it was happening or not that caused me to re-enter commands that made these silly people running the forum think this was a case of a clone at work. If they'd make what they offer available for downloading easy like they promise, these problems wouldn't happen!

Thankfully I find on close inventory that I downloaded about 99% of audio files that interested me and until someone comes up with unreleased underscore for "If You Had Wings", original "Hall Of Presidents", the MK queue music for "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" (the version available is NOT what played for 25 years in the MK queue area, it's what plays at Disneyland's Toad) and Jack Wagner's Wedway Peoplemover narration, I doubt there's going to be much for me to add any longer audio wise.