iQuiz on iTunes - a customizable (kinda) Disney music trivia game

Hey gang,
I was checking out the new releases in iTunes today (lol - YES - to look for any new Randy Thorton produced tracks!) and saw that there is a new game for the iPod called iQuiz. I pretty much thought it was just gonna be trivia - which would have been enough for me.
It's actually a music/tv/movie quiz game - and a good one at that, but the (potentially) GREAT thing is - you can create your OWN quizes and share them with other people.
I want to start working on some Disney music trivia questions and hopefully share it with others who may be into it! And of course - get other quizes that people make up! I wanna spread the word, as I think this could be very cool!


I'd seriously like to see a Disney music trivia quiz, especially because trivia is my forte!