Introductions, greetings and Salutations

Well since Ive been lurking/posting all over the Disney Music sections of the web...I figured I might as well get started here too :).

Im Damien (aka theEpiphany) Some of you might know me from alt.binaries.multimedia.disney. I spend a lot of my online time fishing around for disney things, or listening to music (mainly Punk/Emo/HC stuff). Anyway Im 22 and am currently employed as a Senior System Admin by Hewlett Packard.

In my free time I play (used to play) Tournament Paintball, and try to take frequent "getaway trips" to WDW in order to collect my sanity from the stresses of work. Everything else is probably just not interesting to the average individual so I'll spare the gory details.


Now that my dorkiness is out of the way....Im lookin forward to jumpin into a few conversations around here and joining the festivities.

-D (theEpiphany)