Intrada Releases The Last Flight of Noah's Ark


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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 208
Date: 1980
Tracks: 26
Time = 49:27

World premiere of richly melodic Maurice Jarre soundtrack for Charles Jarrott family adventure, presented by Walt Disney Pictures, starring Elliott Gould, Genevieve Bujold, Ricky Schroder. Gould flies WWII aircraft with Bujold, kids, animals on board, then crashes on island inhabited by pair of Japanese soldiers confident war is still in progress. Setting allows Jarre to write for large orchestra with expanded brass section including two baritone horns, euphonium (small tuba.) Koto, samisen, shakuhachi plus nine percussionists help create fascinating template for magnum opus TV mini-series score to SHOGUN. To present complete soundtrack, including tuneful "Half Of Me" song, Intrada was given access to entire scoring session masters, amongst first digital recordings ever made. (This was scored right after THE BLACK HOLE, also available on Disney/Intrada label.) Twin 16-track recorders were synchronized at original sessions, offering total of 32 tracks! Every roll of 2" tape survived in perfect condition, including all brass chorales, separate Japan ensemble sessions, chorus sessions, vocal tracks. Transfers were made by Disney engineers, then newly mixed and mastered at Intrada for dynamic stereo audio! Rare Maurice Jarre score is exciting treat for his fans! Maurice Jarre conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

The Album
01. Half Of Me (Opening Theme) 2:21
02. Wrong Course 2:18
03. The Message 1:52
04. Building A Corral 1:13
05. Brutus 1:18
06. Japanese Flag 3:20
07. Discovery 1:35
08. Japanese Attack 1:38
09. Half Of Me (Quiet Walk) 2:21
10. Japanese Compound 2:16
11. I'm Sorry 1:10
12. Montage 4:30
13. Half Of Me (Bon Voyage) 1:56
14. Half Of Me (Chorale) 2:07
15. Shark 2:39
16. Big Wind 1:03
17. Storm 3:25
18. Don't Die, Brutus 2:12
19. Safe Flying 0:43
20. Half Of Me (Closing Theme) 2:12

Total Score Time: 42:33

The Extras Unused Cues Composed and Conducted by Maurice Jarre
21. Japanese Flag - Alt No. 1 0:26
22. Japanese Flag - Alt. No. 2 0:27
23. Safe Flying (Chorale) 0:44
24. Half Of Me (Wordless Demo) 02:37
Source Cues Arranged by Richard Bowden, Conducted by Maurice Jarre
25. Three-Part Invention - Excerpt No. 1 (Johann S. Bach) 1:01
26. Three-Part Invention - Excerpt No. 2 (Johann S. Bach) 1:25

Total Extras Time: 6:45

The Trout

Groovy! "Island on Top of the World" got a surprising lot of playtime at my house.