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Great reading! I thought the information about the Riger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin track being originally created for the OA 2000 was really interesting.

About the idea of releasing a CD containing only parade music - I think this is great! The Disneyland Resort Paris has done this for several years and it really works well. They have several concepts basically. First there is the theme song single which only contains the pop theme song of the parade (e.g. "Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm)" which some of you may also know as the theme song of the character bus in Epcot in the meantime), then there is the CD with the complete soundtrack of the parade but nothing else packaged as a single (this was the way the soundtrack for the Princess' Parade or the Disney Cinema Parade was released) and finally twice so far there has been a full length jewel case packaged CD called "Les Parades en Musique", which translates to "The Parades in Music" or "The Music of the Parades". These CDs contained the complete soundtrack of (nearly) all parades taking place at the time of the CD-release, which means the daytime parade, the night time parade and the Christmas parade omitting only the Halloween Parade. Unfortunately the Halloween parade was omitted (only a single with the song was released so far). And, unfortunately again, the last release of this kind of CD was way before Fantillusion premiered - so we are waiting for a new release. But with rumors out for a new parade either in 2006 or 2007 the CD release might be timed to that too.

Now back to Anaheim: I hope that they come up with such full length CD for Disneyland and DCA ... with maybe a track list like this:

Disneyland Parades
1. 50th Anniversary Parade (complete soundtrack)
2. Christmas Parade (complete soundtrack)

DCA Parades
3. Block Party Bash (complete soundtrack)

Thank you so much, Mouse Info, for bringing our attention to this interview, which I otherwise would never have seen! Interesting information about Mr. Thornton himself, and, of course, the Disneyland set--we're finally getting the original Haunted Mansion Holiday!