International Gateway Loop


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I was wondering if anybody has the track listing for the International Gateway Loop used at Epcot.

I did a search on the forum and came up with nothing. Just tidbits of information regarding the loop that was being passed around on P2P. (track length and date it originated)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hello, Bowman. Thanks for asking about one of my favorite loops. While I don't have a complete listing I do have a partial track breakdown that I'll send to you later today or as soon as I can get a few spare hours.
Okay; here is what I've found and, unfortunately, it's not much. If anyone knows more, please help us out on this. Trent -- could you shed some light on whether or not the tracks listed as 'Canada Pavilion' also appear on the Canada Pavilion Area Loop? Thanks.

1. France Pavilion - (Unknown)
2. China Pavilion - (Unknown)
3. United Kingdom Pavilion - (Unknown) Need to cross-check against Crystal Palace loop
4. Italy Pavilion - (Unknown)
5. Canada Pavilion - (Unknown)
6. Japan Pavilion - (Unknown)
7. France Pavilion - La Vie En Rose
8. United Kingdom Pavilion - (Unknown) Thomas Tallis motet?
9. Canada Pavilion - (Unknown)
10. France Pavilion - (Unknown)
11. China Pavilion - (Unknown)
12. Germany Pavilion - (Unknown)
13. Italy Pavilion - Vorrei Baciar (I Tuoi Capelli Neri)
14. United Kingdom Pavilion - (Unknown)
15. Japan Pavilion - (Unknown)
16. France Pavilion - (Unknown)
17. United Kingdom Pavilion - (Unknown) Another motet?
18. Canada Pavilion - (Unknown)
19. France Pavilion - (Unknown)
20. China Pavilion - (Unknown)
21. Germany Pavilion - (Unknown)
22. Italy Pavilion - Marinariello


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Hi there, the 2 tracks from the Canadian pavilion in International Gateway also appear in the Canadian loop. The first song is called Marie Claire and plays in the exterior and inside the O Canada theater loop. The other song is called Un Canadien Errant which is part of the interior loop that plays inside the restaurant and Boutique Des Provinces gift shop. Hope this helps. :)



Sounds about right except that the "indoor" loop is no longer played in restaurant -- it's now light jazz music. Not sure if it's still playing in the Boutique though.
Thank you, Nicholas; this is good news. Now I need to listen to the Canada Area Music Loop and determine which tracks repeat in the International Gateway Loop.

I'll stop by La Boutique de Provinces this Christmas and listen for a few minutes to hear what's playing there. My last visit to Le Cellier in Oct 2003 didn't yield anything as I couldn't hear at lunch what was playing.

Lastly, I sent a letter to WDI in Glendale asking if they could shed some light on the track listing for the International Gateway loop; perhpaps I'll hear back from them.


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Hey this is great. A couple steps closer to getting the full list.

Was the International Gateway arranged by Buddy Baker as well as the France and Italy BGM Loop? I thought I remember reading somewhere that Buddy Baker played a part in alot of the Epcot World Showcase Pavilion loops. I might be wrong.


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From what I know there are only 2 tracks in the International Gateway loop from Canada. Every song is in order of countries as of 1982 starting with Mexico.
It's the following:

1. Mexico
2. China
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. American Adventure
6. Japan
7. France: La Vie En Rose
8. United Kingdom
9. Canada: Marie Claire
10. Mexico
11. China
12. Germany
13. Italy
14. American Adventure
15. Japan
16. France
17. United Kingdom
18. Canada: Un Canadien Errant
19. Mexico
20. China
21. Germany
22. Italy

The loop is about an hour long.
Im not sure what order the Italian songs go in it.
As of the new music in the Cellier I didnt know does anyone know anything where it's from? sounds interesting! :)

That's all I have for now I'll keep you posted! ;D

Nicholas; thanks again. You can't possibly know how relieved I am to find out someone knows the country listing. I've just spent the last hour going through the order you listed and it makes perfect sense. (It took me a while to get used to the instrumentation of the Mexcio tracks but I can buy it.) May I ask who/what your source is? Thanks!
I recall back when the Inoventions score was being done, Buddy (Baker) had been working on new BGM music for the World Shocase Pavilions.......but I guess there never did anything as far as recording it or completeing it. The notes were called WORLD SHOWCASE RENEWALS.......would have been interesting to see what would have come out of that.



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Hey there, I actually have several sources. I've also been working on the International Gateway loop for a long time. I don't know if you know but the loop also plays at Showcase Plaza just at the entrance of World Showcase. The songs are taken from all the music loops from each countries that were there in '82. They were all assembled to make the Showcase Plaza loop (Back in '82 International Gateway didn't exist). When International Gateway opened in the early 90's, they just took that same loop and recycled it. It fits in perfectly. I am going to be searching for the name of the songs as Disney themselves don't even know what plays there. ;D

Nicholas, I've not heard the loop at the Showcase Plaza before as I usually take the rose garden path from JII to World Showcase. I'll be sure to stop by there next month and listen for it. Thanks again for your assistance with this loop!
I was thinking about that too; my only guess is they decided a loop for that transition area of Epcot, called International Gateway, would work well. I'd like to know what happened in the planning sessions when they approached the theming for what's now International Gateway.


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While researching the net for any type of information on the International Gateway/Worldshow Case tracks. I went to, which has been a great resource for getting BGM loop titles and track times. They have the titles to the Italy ,France, and the UK Loops.

I wonder how those track listings were comprised? And if that is a good source for the titles?

And second, is the music in the World Showcase the same as it was in '82? And was it created by (WDI???)

Sorry, so many questions. I feel like Epcot Future World gets so much attention with there BGM loops and that the World Showcase is kinda of untapped music.

One of our very own, xfkirsten, is responsible for any might be able to shed some light on how she obtained those track listings. While they might be useful in establishing the International Gateway loop it will take some time to go through them all.

I agree with your assessment of WS loops taking the back seat to FW loops (although I'm a huge fan of FW loops!). I'm hoping WDI responds to the letter I wrote them last week regarding the WS loops. I'll let you know. . .


Glad you liked the site! The titles for those area loop tracks all came from scans of listings given out by Guest Relations. The biggest problem is that the info only listed them in alphabetical order, not the order in which they're actually played. :(


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Hi again:) To answer your questions, the World Showcase loops have always been the same since the park opening. Most of the countries in WS, the music was sent by the countries themselves. WDI then took these tapes and devided them in 2, one interior loop usually around 60 minutes and another exterior loop around 30 minutes. Most of these countries didnt send a list of the music titles. What is now given at Guest Relations is the only information they have and that's why it's not in order nor is it complete. Some of the countries, the music is or was actually avaialble on cd's or records, Norways music is/was available for the public. Hope this information helps, if there are any questions, feel free! ;D

Nicholas, you mentioned the 'host' countries sent music to WDI for use in the WS pavilions; I assume they sent their requests and then WDI recorded them as the loop uses similar instrumentation throughout. Was this the case?