Interesting Discussion (O/T)


A musical theater newsboard that I tend to lurk at is having an unusual discussion that I think might be of interest to many of us here.

Some of the teens who post on this Musical website are discouraged over the current state of Disney. They seem to feel that what Disney needs, to get back on top, is to focus on "their core audience" (not my words) of pre-teen girls and small children. They want Disney to get away from movies in the PIXAR vein and to focus on more princess tales using (again their words and not mine) already know disney princesses. They seem to feel that more of the direct-to-video sequels using Cinderella, Snow White and other classic Disney ladies is just what Disney needs.

While I firmly disagree, I do find it interesting that these are teens with money to spare who have none of the passion or respect for the Disney name or company. But they are, however, the majority in the world today. We, unfortunately, are the minority.

Thoughts, opinions, comments?


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I think what they are asking for, whether they realize it or not, are more songs in the vein of Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, traditional Broadway type ballads and songs, which tend to attract a female audience. I by no means think that the only way to make a great Disney Movie is to make it a fairy tale musical. Even thought those are the ones I have always enjoyed most. But they are a Disney specialty, and no one else has taken up that tradition yet even though Disney seems to be done with it for now. Meanwhile we try to make films and songs for an audience (teen and young adult males) who could care less. I heard a perfectly ridiculous quote by Jefferey Katzenberg the other day regarding Sinbad (prior to it's release). He said, (and I'm paraphrasing) "Our films are made to appeal to all the adults out there, and the adult in every child,". Does that second category even exist?!! Sinbad may have been made for teens and young adults but if they didn't go to see it, who cares? Of course that quote directly parodies one of Walt's when he said, "While there is very little adult in a child, there's a lot of child in every grown up,".

It's not that our films have to be about fairies and princesses and talking chipmunks. As Lilo and Stitch proved, and will continue to prove for decades despite most of it's artists being long since layed off, these films can be hip and modern and fun, but if they are to be a success they MUST touch you. They must be sincere, and true. The pixar films do this but they've hidden it under all the technology and glamour of CGI, to the extent that the other studios are under the impression that it's Computers that bring the audience in, not story. I hope they all learn thier lesson soon.