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I have a bunch of Disney recordings -- one that stands out is the "Millenium Celebration" . Can anyone recommend other Disney recordings that may be equally as inspiring?



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Film wise I find any of the animated scores done by Alan Menken quite inspiring. I know it seems to be overdone but every time he does one of those big choral reprise endings, it's perfect. The final inst. track of Beauty and the Beast always brings a tear to my eye, from the transformation to the happy ending. I love all the various themes that pop up and the mood of that whole piece.

Theme park wise? Ummm actually the DCA official album has the track "Just One Dream" which is actually quite a good song and just keeps getting bigger (perhaps one verse too many) and for that matter from the DL/WDW Forever system the tracks from Hall of Presidents (Battle Hymn of the Republic specifically) and from American Adventure, the finale are both great instrumentals.


One that I always listened to on my way to work was "Fantasy" from the Magic In the Streets Parade CD. It always seemed to pick me up and remind me where I was... as if I needed reminding! ;)



one track that keeps inspiring me every time I hear it is the Exit Music from DLP's Timekeeper its extraordinary.

other stuff that I think is really cool awsome is "Space Mountain Impressions" from Journey to the center of the earth from TDS. oh well.. there's A LOT of cool stuff out there!


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besides those tracks already mentioned I must add two additional:

1. Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) - ["Hey there, Hi there, Ho there" is from the song's refrain] which was written for the Wonderful World of Disney Parade in Paris and in the meantime is used in Epcot for the character bus around the lagoon too. This song gets me into a good mood everytime again (and I also love the instrumental music for the parade which goes fien with it).

2. All Around The World - which is a great up-beat pop-song that gets me everytime again. It was written for the short-lived "Disney's ImagiNations Parade" in Paris. The instrumental music which goes along with it is great too, as it presents each continent with a combination of famous tunes connected with the continent and with Disney melodies for that continent.

- Side note: if you want to buy those two songs and have neither of them so far, don't go for the singles which have been released. Instead opt for the CD "Les Parades en Musique" as that one does not only have the two songs but also the instrumental music of the two parades (which I mentioned above), plus the complete MSEP-soundtrack and the christmas parade soundtrack from Paris!

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Again, "inspiring" is tough to define.

One man's "inspiring" is another man's......

But, another track that could be defined as "inspiring" to me is TDL's "Disney On Parade -- 100 Years of Magic" theme.

And, besides SpectroMagic (which I named earlier), there's my absolute favorite track "Remember The Magic" from the WDW afternoon parade (1996-2001). Heck, I even like Brian McKnight's version from "Magic From The Parks". ;D ;D ;D

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I'm partial to the fanfares myself... the Tomorrowland 2055 fanfare and theme, John Debney's Illuminations Fanfare, and Gregory Smith's Discovery Suite from Illuminations 25 - rousing uptempo music! Debney's Surprise in the Skies also falls into this category. And how about Bruce Broughton's glorious Ellen's Energy Adventure overture! :)


I *love* Bruse Broughton's scores. Especially "Cody's Flight" from The Rescuers Down Under. Very inspiring score. :)