InnerSpace and Nature's Wonderland :D


I thought Mysterys of the Atom wasnt part of the ATIS preshow. If thats true though, why did Randy use it in his box set ride thru?

I heard a few tracks from a friend. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first heard Inner Space, only because it didnt sound much different from the copy that I had and I guess I thought it would. But as I listened to it more I started hearing all kinds of little things that I never knew were there (like this great oboe you first start the ride and also the strings when you first see the giant snowflake).

Also, I got the impression that as the ride proceeded, it got faster, more chaotic and more impression I never got with the copy I had previously. Now its one of my favorite tracks that Ive heard so far :D

Also, Nature's Wonderland is a REALLY fun track, its another one of my favorites :D

I wish my set would ship already :/