Imagine if you were a 1960s Disneyland Records casting director!

I would make a "Carosel of Progresss" LP with new bird characters living in a huge treehouse (NOT the Tikiroom one--that's ANOTHER attraction!) created for it in 1967 (note all these following greats are long gone. :()

THe sun, the unnamed and only non-avian character, the MC..Thurl Ravenscroft. Communicates with our audio heroes and villian.

A Highstepping bird who sings the "There's a Great Big beautiful TOmorrow"...Jimmy Durante

A Sassy but informative unctuos flamingo..Frank Nelson (y' in (to Fred FLinston, Jack Benny, Fred Sanford or Lucy Ricardo..)"Eyessssss!?" Make a good Donald Duck foil! Whyd din't Disney use this guy?)

A wise owl....Howard MacNear (Floyd the Barber)

a sassy sissy pecock..Billy DeWolfe (him and Durante took their vaudeville credentials to Rankin-Bass's 1969 Frosty the snowman)

The villian who stops progess, the sneaky laidback sinister crow...Sheldon Leonard

A sweet piar of girl parakeets..Hayley Mills and Annette Funciello.(the only still living actors I use..)

An in joke on "This ain't the Tiki Room", hotcha cha " from the Durante bird would be allowed..since the Caroel family is for that show I would have no compunction against that kinda LP but sadly all of the guys are gone