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Fantastic stuff! I used to listen to several of these constantly when I was a kid. LOVED seeing the "More Jungle Book" (much better story here than what they came up with for "JB2") album--one of my favorites, and I think the "Hey It's a Kick!" song by Baloo is one of the Sherman bros.' greatest! THANK YOU for sharing this!


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I'm very pleased to get these (so is my son ;D ).
I have come across a small problem though. Nothing to do with the files, I hasten to add.
I had a couple of them fail on me due to a dropped connection (stupid Orange Broadband) and, try as I may, I can't download them again (they failed about 3/4 of the way through).
I have deleted the partial files, canceled the stuck downloads (they wouldn't resume on either browser even though the help pages say resumes are supported) cleared the IE and Firefox caches, restarted the PC and, when I click on the "click here to download" bar, it just resets to the same page ad infinitum!
Obviously either the site or my PC thinks I already have the file somewhere.
I've also tried a few download managers and they just download a skeleton web page (ooh spooky - no, you know what I mean).
I've done several searches for the files and they are not on my PC so I'm stuck.
Anyone any ideas?
Oh, the last Junglebook record link leads to an upload page, not a download one.


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Thanks guys! I am so glad you like them! :D

Bill- Thanks for the great pics! So cool! ;)

I may lose my internet connection for a month or two. But I will be back.
I am almost done with my read alongs and will be updateing some posts with nice artwork to enjoy, More Jungle Book and a few others. Plus I have a stack of storytellers to do.
More to come is what I want to say.
eyore - My daughter loves these too. Glad to see others seeing them too!
I will check my links as well!

No fluppy dogs here! I do remember seeing them in the 80's! :D Somebody need to share Fluppy Dogs!
Although some of the films of the early to mid 90's were quite good, I can say that there won't be any mermaids or beasts or hunchbacks appearing on my blog. Definetly no one named Hanna or Miley and nobody related Kathie Lee Gifford!

Is this refreshing to any one? ;D
Thanks, I hope I did not offend anybody! ::) Thanks again guys!
As neat as your blog is, and as much work as you've obviously put into it, are there not some legal concerns with making entire Disney records available for download? I mean, if there's not, great. Obviously nobody here has mentioned it. But I'm just sayin'.

After years and years of looking for More Jungle Book, I finally got my hands on a copy last fall. And I gotta say, I was pretty disappointed. It was great to hear Louis Prima and Phil Harris in all that dialogue I'd never heard before. But the script is pretty horrible. The plot is horrible. The voices for Bagheera and Mowgli are horrible. Prima and Harris must have been rolling their eyes as they read their parts. I'm sooo glad this sequel didn't see the light. The only thing more terrible than this story is the actual Jungle Book 2.

My pipe dream is for Disney to write a decent story- maybe for a short, then announce the discovery of archival audio of the original cast that they could splice up and use as dialogue.


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What is the actual plot of "More Jungle Book". I've not listened to it, and I can't find any synopsis online for it. I assume it's similar to the DTV sequel, but only because there's only so much you can do with it...
Baloo misses Mowgli, wants to go get him, acts like it's been years when it's really only been days. Bagheera tries to talk sense into him. They sing a few forgettable songs. I forget exactly how it happens, but Mowgli ends up in the jungle, Baloo gets captured and is rescued by Baggy, Mowgli, and King Louie, who after having kidnapped Mowgli in the Jungle Book, suddenly is like his uncle. At the end, there's a sloppy cut to the dialogue at the end of the movie and the Bare Necessities reprise.

It's basically the same thing plot as JB2, only- and I can't believe I'm saying this- the dialogue is worse. Oh, and there's no empowered female character. Yeah, Harris and Prima are there, but aside from their voices, More Jungle Book is cringeworthy. Seriously, it wouldn't have even made a decent cheapquel.
What is the actual plot of "More Jungle Book". I've not listened to it, and I can't find any synopsis online for it. I assume it's similar to the DTV sequel, but only because there's only so much you can do with it...

Thing is, JB2, as crappy as it was, wasn't DTV. I saw that stinker on the big screen.


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I'll agree the story itself is no great shakes (but then, the plot of the original film is somewhat...episodic...), but I do believe that two of the songs, "Hey, It's a Kick" and the one about the blues ("It's a blue, blue jungle, every vine, every tree"...) are not "forgettable." If they were, I would not have remembered them for more than 30 years. They may not be the Sherman Bros. greatest songs, but they're easily as good as what they wrote for "The Aristocats."

And still, this WAS better than the "official" sequel, which is now getting a "Deluxe" edition DVD. Yuck.
They may not be the Sherman Bros. greatest songs, but they're easily as good as what they wrote for "The Aristocats."

I'll agree with you there.

By the way, and maybe this is a Randy question, but does anybody else notice the stark differences in recording quality on the JB soundtrack between, say, The Bare Necessities and the rest of the songs? And for that matter, between It's a Kick and Blue Jungle on More Jungle Book? In the former case, it seems like Bare Necessities is a quiet, muffled recording compared to the others. Why on earth is this, and are there other examples like this on other soundtracks?


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Thanks for the explanation on the plot. It sounds...similar to the official sequel. And I meant DTV more in the sense that that's how it was made. I didn't see it in the theater, but I did go see Return to Neverland...and regretted it.

It's funny how Louis Prima really milked his role in the Jungle Book. I can't hold that against him, after all, it was a big hit, and he was getting older...so why not? Still...I have to admit that when I hear him singing about King Louis and Robin Hood being friends, I have to scratch my head...
Yeah, that was another album I sought with great anticipation. Other than the Phony King of England cover, that record is pretty dismal too.

I really have no problem with Prima and Harris totally milking their JB roles. After all, the characters are basically just cartoon versions of the guys themselves. I just wish they could have had some decent material to apply their voice talents to after JB.

Jim Cummings did a nearly seamless Kaa for JB2 and Louie for Talespin, but because those characters were so voice actor based, no imitator will ever be able to recreate their personalities. But I think if they could find a decent voice for Baloo (Talespin's Ed Gilbert is currently not alive) and a decent storyline and script, Disney could effectively revive the franchise- not in crappy sequels, but in other creative ways.


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"I just wish they could have had some decent material to apply their voice talents to after JB."

Yeah, poor Phil Harris was pretty much cast as Baloo in every other role he did for Disney...Thomas O'Malley, Little John...

As for voice cast, yeah, some character actors are harder to replicate than others. Jim Cummings does do a decent job replicating Sterling Holloway, but still just not the same thing. Paul Winchell has been near impossible to reproduce...Tigger just sounds so...boring now.

I didn't like John Goodman as Baloo either...to distracting...I could tell who he was. I did like Ed Gilbert though, he managed to make it similar without being too distracting. Even Tony Jay was able to do a pretty decent Shere Khan. What did you think about the short-lived series "Jungle Cubs"? I thought they did a decent job not making it too much like every other "baby version" show. The characters were voiced well enough too, and I thought it was one of the better Saturday morning spin-offs.


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I see It like this, every thing I post is [glow=red,2,300]way out of print [/glow] and probebly have no plans for releaseing any of it soon. If it is released, It will be taken down immediatly because I don't want to get in the way of Walt Disney Records makeing money. That goes for any itunes releases as well, I have been careful not to post any thing avaliable in itunes. I buy them.
Now some of us have never heard some of this music. I charish it even if it is somebodys old rip of a scratched up record. Nobody is making money off any of it. It is currently my hobby and I love Vintage Disney.
I just was away for a while because I didn't have a connection for a few weeks. And Jungle bum had to bring up the legal thing and complain about More Jungle Book. So it makes me nervous I really don't want to have to stop sharing. :-
Anyway thanks for reading and stuff. ;)


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Hey--I don't think was a complaint about MJB. It's clearly not up to the snuff of the original, but it was GREAT to see it again. (I could "ape" a song from the record and say it's been a kick!). Keep sharing...I think you are clear unless you hear something. And then you'll only be in trouble if you don't respond to what you hear.

Keep it up. I've been reliving my childhood here. :)
Hey, Haundt,

I'm not trying to get you in trouble or anything. I asked the question because 1) I am genuinely interested in what is or isn't legal or ethical when it comes to this type of sharing, and 2) because I would like to make sure I'm in the legal/ethical clear before I go a-downloadin'.

Now, while MJB truly sucks rocks as a story and a potential JB sequel, I was glad to finally get my hands on new (to me) Harris/Prima material.

By the way, you don't need to take genuine criticism of a Disney product personally.


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Best to keep off the "is it legal" bit and say "am I likely to get into trouble".
Anyone who makes stuff available would usually get a "remove this" notice for anything that they would be concerned with.
Technically you can't copy anything that isn't your own work so "is it legal" - technically no.
In practice, people often turn a blind eye if it's something that isn't (or likely to be) commercially available now or in the future.
The rest is up to your own judgment.
Disney are pretty quick to stop anything they are not happy with. I believe they have teams trawling the net for just this reason.
Anything commercially available gets taken down pretty quickly.
Rodentsections has lots of similar stuff but park related and Disney knows they are there (but that site is most careful not to have anything that you can still buy).


And anyone who tries to say "but it's not commercially available so it's okay" is making excuses. It's still pirating but it's done with a sense of "well I'll support what Disney puts out but if they don't put out what I want I'll just steal it online and that'll hopefully teach them a thing or two about releasing things!"