I'm off to Disney World


Goin' to visit the world for a quick four day trip this weekend. My sister in law is working at the Canada pavillion at Epcot -- right where wifey and I got our start about five years back.

Sharon, are there any new WDW music CDs I should be looking for when I'm there? Probably not but I thought I'd ask.

Also, has anyone watched the Christmas at WDW DVD that I've seen on eBay? If so, is it any good?



I think the latest WDW music CD would be the 2003 OA mentioned here before and listed on the HMV Web site. There's nothing (much?) new in that though.

I have The Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World on DVD and I'm sorry to report that it was a waste of money. I was real excited when I first saw it in the parks but once I watched it, it was a big letdown. I'm going off memory now because I only watched it once after I first got it (although it's sitting in front of me right now).

First, the transfer was horrible. It looked like an old tape that they transferred to DVD into which they inserted a few new clips (with noticeably better quality). There was a running story of Mickey and the gang visiting a warehouse which housed Christmas decorations for the WDW resort but it looked nothing like the real Christmas Services at WDW. The whole subplot seemed cheesy (even for Disney). It felt as if this may have originally come from an old TV special that once aired. However, there are Disney Christmas specials that I've seen on TV in years past that are more memorable than this.

I may have felt otherwise if the price were a lot lower. But, for a running time of a mere 25 minutes and an MSRP of $19.99, I don't think it was worth it.

Henry Fink
Have a Good Trip Trent. Enjoy the sweet memories with your sweetie. Mrs Jeff and I honeymooned there in 1984. We've been back 3 times and it's good to have fond memories at such a special place.
No matter how "they" try and mess it up. you'll always have ...WDW.
Have a Disney day! ;D

Honestly, have a great trip. But, of course, you know you will!

Hey! Wait a minute! Shouldn't this thread title have an "OT" at its end?!?!?! ;D ;D ;D

I've got to agree with the keel boat captain's cousin (I always figured Henry Fink had to be SOME SORT of relation to Mike Fink) about the Christmas DVD. ::) Lame. Precious LITTLE park information or footage. The only thing my wife and I came away with was a pretty good idea what the Osborne Family Lights experience is like. We've never seen them in person.

Say hi to Mickey for me!


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To be honest, the one thing about living right near WDW is that you never go to WD . Well, not NEVER...but I don'tt hink I've been in a park besides Pleasure Island since January. So I have no clue of there are any new CD's out there. Sorry. But have a TERRIFIC time! And if you happen to go to the Adventurers Club, ask any of the CM's to point out "Sharon." if they give you a funny look, tell them it's the really short lady who's there a lot and they'll know .