I'm in Tokyo right now! (kinda)

hey folks!

I'm in Omiya, Japan with work (http://www.disney.co.jp/live) and have been eagerly looking for Disney Music. I assure you, I have found it...but these prices!! OY VEY!! LOL

$26 for ONE disc? yikes!

Luckily, I have found a few used CD places...whew!

We're also headed to Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Tokyo and Nagoya

So, I am adjusting to the culture SLOWLY...I got three more months! Any recommendations??




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Welcome to Japan! I am jealous, although I don't think I would want to go for 3 months .

Words of advice...know how to say yes (hai), no (ie), thank-you very much (arigatogozaimasu), you're welcome (doitashimashite), I'm sorry (gomenasai) and excuse me (sumimasen). When you're lost or confused, have that "deer in the headlights" look (just like in the picture!) and someone will help you.

You can find decent candy bars and snacky stuff at Lawsons.

When in doubt about food, go to noodle shops and pick from the plastic food in the window.

Have fun!

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(not really back...just passing through. But who knows....)


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Well...it's good advice for food . He didn't say what kind of advice he wanted .

More advice...

Bring your own washcloth or handkerchief wherever you go...keep it in your pocket or man bag or wherever...because when you wash your hands in the Mens' room, chances are good that there won't be paper towels to dry your hands with, so if they don't offer blow dryers, you'll be SOL and have to wipe your hands on your pants leg. Less of an issue for you because you're a guy, but some public bathrooms don't offer toilet paper...so bring a pack of tissues with you or take one of the free packs that they give out in the train
stations, in case you, um....need such things in the men's room.

Enjoy the Toto Washlets whenever possible. They DO sell them in the States, BTW.

Don't go to TDL on a weekend. Even moreso, don't go to any tourist attraction during a holiday....especially Golden Week.

Train routes and directions are marked by the last exit on the route. Most will be subtitled in English, except for a few small routes. If you don't know how much your train ticket will be, buy the smallest-costing ticket possible and make up the difference when you get to your destination,. Most (but not all) ticket machines are available in English on demand.

Board buses in the back, get a ticket and pay before you leave. Get change from the change machine (near the driver) before you're ready to exit the bus.

Don't blow your nose in public. Ever. Sniffing is acceptable.

If you go to TDL (or the Disney Store in Ikspiari...or ANY Disney Store for that matter) and see a T-shirt with Orange Bird on it, pretty please with sugar on top get me an adult size Medium. I want an Orange Bird shirt. Badly. I have yet to see one, but I want one.

DVD's. We are Region 1. Japan is generally Region 2.

And that's all better than what Bill could ever tell you .

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I actually DID see something with Orange Bird on it the other day at the Disney Store here in Omiya. I don't remember if it was a t-shirt or a folder or what...I'm SURE I'll be back after payday :p



and look! I won two packs of tissues (and some gum) in the courtyard of our hotel..then the next day I won a water bottle, a pen, and two more packs of tissues!


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Yeah, the tissues aren't Charmin...they're not even Angel Soft. But they'll "do" in a pinch .

BTW, forgot to mention that $26 for single a CD is pretty normal there. The problem is that they have so MANY of them that if you want to watch your budget, you REALLY have to pick and choose.

I couldn't BELIEVE all of the Orange Bird stuff they had when Joe and I went to Japan last April...plastic tumblers, folders, mugs, plush toys, photo frames, etc. I was in HEAVEN! TDStore had ONE Orange Bird shirt but it came in kids sizes and although I'm compact size and can SOMETIMES fit into kids' sized clothes, it wouldn't have worked for this particular shirt, even if the biggest size they had. So again, if you see they have made an adult medium Orange Bird shirt...PRETTY PLEASE! I live in Orlando...I'll pay you cash, in person . The only thing that was more astounding that the Orange Bird stuff was when I saw a Little Hiawantha shirt. Again, kids size...but WOW!!! LITTLE HIAWATHA!

Will you have time to see TDL and TDSea?

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Hey there SpectroPluto. I live 15 min from Omiya, Saitama. Send me an email to jtcent (at) jtcent (dot) com if you have any questions. I can give you my cellphone number, too. Also, there are plenty of used CD shops in Japan for cheap Disney CD's, around 1000yen apiece. Enjoy your time here.