I'm dying here. WHAT SONG IS THAT?


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Hi guys

Just got home from Paris, and I stopped off at DLP as a last minute thing, and I'm glad I did. But one thing that has haunted me since my visit is, what are the songs that play on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing ride?!

I've been to disneyland in california a few times, but I don't recall if they're the same songs.

One song in particular i REALLY loved, and that was a much slower song, they played it towards the end of the ride. It was quite a sad song. Very old-American sounding, in that old banjo sort of way. It made me want to drink whisky, to be honest :)

I saw the soundtrack for sale, I knew I should have bought it.

Anyone know what the song could possibly be? I was on the boat called Tom Sawyer if that makes any difference. Again, it was on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing thing.

ANY information would be great, thanks in advance