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I am surprised nobody has posted anything about the new holiday tag for IllumiNations? Reflections of Earth?. Until the end of the year they are performing the standard ROE show with the Walter Kronkite and Harlem Boys Choir performance of ?Let There Be Peace On Earth?. That?s right; remember this from the 90?s? We originally knew this as the finale for ?Holiday IllumiNations?.

A few months ago when I heard they were going to be doing this I rolled my eyes. Anything straying from Don Dorsey?s original concept in ROE was unacceptable in my opinion. At the same time when I heard it was being narrated by Walther Kronkite I was like ?here we go again?..recycling music with nothing new?. Well yes it is exactly the same track they used many years ago however I am totally impressed.

I do not want to spoil anything but I have to share with you a few things. They perform the standard ROE show and as soon as it?s over the ?Let There Be Peace On Earth? music begins to play and the globe begins to close. In my opinion the closing of the globe symbolizes the earth coming together as one.

A few other cool things include the use of the American Adventure laser projector. Remember the red, blue and green lasers from the old IllumiNations, well they are back. Also they project heart-warming phrases on Spaceship Earth as you exit the park by using the American Adventure laser. This reminds me of the EPCOT I use to remember. The multi-color lasers are used throughout the tag.

One thing to understand is that the AA laser has always had the capability to be multi color but was not used in REO. When ROE opened in 1999 they wanted to make sure that some effects were not reused in the new show because it would appear to not be fresh and compliment the Millennium Celebration theme. ROE was to be new and cutting edge. If you get the opportunity to see the ROE with the holiday tag before the end of the year definitely stand and watch the show from the World Showcase Plaza. You can see the use of the lasers from this vantage point.

Also, do you remember the ?presentation of the nations?? Well it is back too. They light up each of the 11 pavilions, just like they did many years ago. Many people miss this from the previous versions of IllumiNations.

The only negative thing I noticed in my opinion is the audio. I have watched the show several times from different vantage points and the audio gets fuzzy and drops out a few times. I do not think the track is defective but that music gets so ?busy? towards the end that the speakers loose some of it?s resources and drops out. Not a huge deal, still a well-done presentation.

I hope I did not spoil anything for anyone and I hope you get to EPCOT real soon to check it out. I feel bad for having negative thoughts when I heard of the holiday tag because I now think it is a wonderful treat reminding me of the EPCOT I use to know.

I hope this starts some good discussion. Take care!

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I went to EPCOT the night the new holiday ending debuted...been going back as often as I can ever since. My only complaint was that they seemed to wuss out on the globe a little bit. Maybe it's too complex to develop new imagery, or maybe they figured you'd be looking up more than at it. It's definitely worth a watch, though. I'm sort of upset that I'm not going to get one more chance to see it before it's gone. *sigh*

I won't say more so I don't spoil it either. :)
Just wanted to add my 2 cents that the Let There Be Peace on Earth tag is unbelievable. The globe is a little skimpy in effects, but the swirling color on it (like a giant Christmas ornament) is really cool, and the dove effect is nice too. I have never seen so many fireworks in the lagoon sky at one time before. It is completely full of color at the end! Real kudos to Disney World for this one. Great call on someone's part.


I wonder what music they are going to play for New Years this year, I know someone got the 1997 finale somehow. I hope someone can record it tonight.


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Heh, my favorite part was right near the end before all of the fireworks start to explode. You can hear all of the shells being launched and you know something grand is about to happen. :)

I really dig the irony of the ending.