Illuminations ROE preshow music list?


A while back, someone was trying to compile a list of all the tracks used before the current Illuminations show at Epcot - does anyone know if this list ever get completed?

Nope - I don't think we ever came up with a complete list. According to a quick search of this board, the last list was as follows...

1. ?
2. "Superwasp/Along The Coast Of Norway/Neckbuster" -Seelyhoo
3. ?
4. "Flute Battle" -Cusco
5. ?
6. "Imeland" -Groupa
7. "Montezuma" -Cusco
8. ?
9. "Inca Dance" -Cusco
10. ?

I still think the best bet on filling in the blanks is getting in touch with an ROE cast member, or better yet, imagineering. Look for the black shirt CMs around Mexico prior to/following ROE. At the very least they may be able to tell you the origins of the CD they use, or who to get in touch with about getting hold of a track listing. I hope to be visiting WDW in the next few months - I'll certainly do what I can to find out.
- innoventionseast