Illuminations Music

Ok, this may seem like a dumb question for all of you Disney music gurus, but I'm looking for a little help-

I visited WDW for the first time last winter and saw Illuminations. After the show ended, and as we were walking out of the world showcase, there was some music playing. I think I recognized it from the actual show, but the version playing after was slightly different. It seemed like it was a long track, as it played almost the entire time it took us to walk from the America area to the fountain in the main part of Epcot (forgive my lack of knowledge of Epcot lingo).

It was kind of a new-age song with a female vocalist. Anyway, I loved this song. It was enchanting, passionate, even entrancing. Can anybody tell me what song this may have been? Is there a site somewhere that I can listen to clips of the tracks to see if it sounds familiar?

I checked out that Intercot site briefly, but wasn't able to find my answer- other than some possibilities: We Go On, Promise, or something from the Tapestry of Nations.

Again, here's what I remember:

-It was a long track
-Female vocalist
-Recognized it from the show or somewhere else in Epcot
-New-age, at-one-with-nature sound to it
-Torches were still on when I heard it
-Very catchy beat or bass line

This is driving me nuts, so if anybody can help I sure would appreciate it!


Hi! This is one of my favorite songs, too. It's called "Promise" and is performed by Kelley Coffey. GREAT tune by Gavin Greenway and enchanting lyrics, too. I remember the first time I heard it--it was SO perfect for the moment I almost cried. It is a wonderful composition. Hope this is helpful!

Have a great day,


Tapestry Of Dreams used to play after the show, but was Promise after the show as well or is that the ending to the show? And you might be able to call WDW and get the CD cheaper than Mouse Shoppe.