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Ben Michalk

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Hi all--I was wondering if someone could help me out with some info about the recordings of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth and Tapestry of Nations/Dreams CDs.

I currently have the original "Millennium Celebration" CD, with 5 tracks and the original Tapestry of Nations. I also have the newer CD with 4 tracks that includes Tapestry of Dreams. It seems to me that I remember there being a CD released between these two, after the Millennium Celebration but possibly before the Tapestry of Dreams version.

So, my question is, how many different versions of this recording have there been? Do I have everything on these two recordings, or was there a different "middle" recording with different material on it, or did this "middle" release just have a different title but the same material as one or the other? If there is a "middle" release, I think it may have just been titled "Illuminations/Tapestry of Nations," or something like that.

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Shortly after the Millennium Celebration ended, the original CD (without "Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand") was released as "Illuminations/Tapestry of Nations". All of the content was the same, but it had different cover art. At the start of the 100 Years of Magic celebration, the most recent incarnation of the album was released with Tapestry of Dreams replacing the parade track and yet more new cover art as "Illuminations/Tapestry of Dreams". There was much speculation that the disc would be released once again with the parade track when it was retired in 2003, but it hasn't happened since.

The recording of "Illuminations", "We Go On", and "Promise" have been the same on all 3 discs. The parade track was changed once, and "Celebrate the Future" only lived on the first disc.

The Energizer promo disc (blm07 and Bill are referring to the same disc) had alternative and shorter versions of the music from the original disc.

Dr. Know

In addition to the official releases, there are two other versions of Tapestry out there:

a "demo" version of Tapestry of Nations that runs 35:40, and
the "final mix" of Tapestry of Nations that runs 30:30

I miss this parade!!

Dr. Know,

does the "final mix" include the Sage narration? I have sought a mix with the narration for years. I, too, love this parade. Some might say obsessed... ;D