Illuminations 25


After scouring the boards (as well as I could) can someone answer the following questions:

What/which version are we hearing on WDW Forever?
Someone on the baord here said it was split into 5 tracks? but I only find 4. Which is correct?

I hear talk of version A & B?? What are the differences?

Why are their 2 intro's? Track 1 and track 4 seem to be the beginning of the show?

Also, am I correct in the following things I gleaned from the board:
DL & WDW OA 1997 / WDW OA 1998 both have version B

Music from the Park has version A (or portions of it at least)

Oh, and one more question:
Are Illuminations and Reflections of Earth the same thing?

Thanks for clarifying it for me.

Tim C


This site has a bunch of info about Illuminations over the years including 25th both A and B.

Illuminations is what the show has been called over the years and the current one is Illuminations: Reflections Of Earth.


Interesting questions, Tim. The website answers most of them.You are right about which versions appeared on various CDs.There is a more complete version of "25A" on the Japanese produced "Vacation CD"(not sure about the title).The "Music from the Park" CD doesn't include the "Circle of Life" finale.Main difference between 25A and 25B is that B features classical music and a great fanfare by John Debney.
Sorry I can't help you on WDW forever.
I've always wondered why they decided to change the music.The website says 25A's music didn't fit the theme of Epcot.Is that the reason?I always thought that there might have been some other reason.Anyone have any other info?