Illuminations 25 exit music

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I have become hooked on the Illuminations 25 exit music... I get such a kick out of the way the General Electric Theme ("We Bring Good Things to Life") is interpolated into the score. Can anyone confirm that Gregory Smith was responsible for composing/arranging the wonderful exit music loop?

Also, what other examples are there of commercial jingles finding their way into Disney park music?



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RCA's "Here's to the Future and You" theme song at Space Mountain,
Kodak's "True Colors" add campaign at HISTA,
"Reach Out and Touch Someone" song used at CircleVision...was that Bell Telephone?

I'm sure there are others too. This is a fun game!

Also...Dr. Know...where did you find the Illuminations 25 exit music? I'd love to have that to add to the "Illuminations" collection I've got going.


GE's "We Bring Good Things To Life" theme was also interpolated rather successfully into the original exit BGM at Horizons...



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I thought the GE theme that was in the Horizons exterior loop and Illuminations exist music was named "Reach for New Horizons"
"Reach for New Horizons" is the name of Horizons' demo. There are currently 3 versions going around, and the themes I've heard on any Illuminations/Horizons track does not seem to follow the demo's theme.

What a good song, though! :-


As for jingles,

How about Kodak's "Makin' Memories"?

If I remember right, Exxon used "Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round) as well.

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Did Ford ever go ahead and use "Get the Feel of the Wheel of a Ford" by the Shermans? That's a great song.