Ilene Woods 78rpm


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These records are great.
Having been alive at the time they were produced (only very young, I hasten to add), I can say that they really capture the mood and moment far better than modern CDs and all the technological advances that are now used (including the pops and needle noises that add to the enjoyment). There's a simple honesty about them that brings back the nostalgia rather well.
Thanks for letting us hear them


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Thank you so much for posting this. What a beautiful record. I love discovering things like this. Thank you! Does anyone know if there is a way I could save these files to my computer? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Will wonders ever cease?

Thank you very much for posting these marvels!

It might be because I am so accustomed to the film arrangements, I am not that thrilled by those, BUT the Working Song is so good , mainly since most of the lyrics are not in the film AND that Cindy herself sings most of them here!

It is obvious that, by that time, Walt Disney did not mind if the public knew who voiced the animated characters...

Again, thank you for those "sound" surprises!