If you haven't yet bought the new Treasures...



If you haven't yet bought the new Treasures because of the prices, you might consider buying them at Borders' within the next week or so. If you buy 3 DVDs, you get the fourth free. True, they aren't as cheap as, say, Walmart, BUT....if you do the math, at $29.99 each, you'll get 4 DVDs for $89.97. That's 22.49 per disc. And that's less than I got them for!


Got my four online from Targetdirect, and after S/H was added, it came to about $24.58 per "Treasure."

Do I feel I paid too much? Absolutely not. ;D

Am I kicking myself in the @$$ because I didn't buy the previous releases when they were selling for about this much? You bet I am! :'(

Whether you pay $30 or $25 or $20 now for these, each one is well worth the cash, and alot cheaper than the $50-$100 bucks they'll probably be fetching for on ebay a few months from now. :eek:

Jessica L

Thanks so much for the heads up on Sam's Club! I had to stop there to get a new color cartridge (over 300 vacation photos from San Francisco and Yosemite to print - yay! :p ) and I was finally able to get the On the Front Lines DVD - and what a super price!


Dr. Know

Don't look now, but the Tomorrow Land dvd is already sold out at Amazon.com. I may have to buy a backup set...