If You Had Wings

With clean tracks for the ride sections of "If You Had Wings" still maddeningly unavailable beyond the one Jazz music cue, the key for fans of this ride is to keep finding as many different live recordings as possible to try and get a chance at hearing fuller parts of each individual section.

Mike Lee's "Widen Your World" website, which remains the ultimate place for an IYHW and early WDW fan, has now for download a live recording from 1985 that's different from the previous one he had on his site, which was just the audio of the IYHW video that circulates among collectors. This one picks up different sections of the music I hadn't noticed before and best of all this is the first live recording I've come across that continues through the walk-off portion of the ride and one can at last hear a part of the Exit music "You Do Have Wings" as you headed past the Eastern ticket rep.



Thanks for the update! I also continue to long for clean tracks from this lost attraction. On another note, the person who was doing the virtual IYHW ride-through has unfortunately decided not to complete the project. Maybe someone out there with the requisite knowledge could pick it up...
I noticed that, and it's a pity that he gave up on it, in contrast to Steve Wesson who finished his ATIS project, and Spencer Cook who's done a lot with his Mr. Toad project (though he hasn't made an update for nearly three months now). I think though, while he didn't mention it, the big handicap for an IYHW recreation is that if you don't have clean audio to mix together like Steve did for ATIS, then you're really not going to be recreating the true essence of the ride, because since there are even better quality videos of the ride in its "If You Could Fly" incarnation, it's not so much the visuals that need greater attention (except for the loading and exit areas which could use more detail than in what we've seen on video) but great visuals *combined* with the full sound experience of IYHW as we knew it best (and truthfully, IYHW presents more problems than AITS and MTWR because of its use of film segments if you're going to try to recreate it).
And yet another live recording reveals itself on the net! This one is the second ever VIDEO version of "If You Had Wings" I have ever seen, and while the ride is slightly truncated (stopping in the Speed Tunnel), you get to see more angles and hear more clearly parts of the soundtrack along the way not distinct in the other more familiar video footage and the other live audio recordings.


There's a small insignificant charge required to get access to this and all other WDW ride videos available for downloading, but the serious IYHW buff needs to get hold of this!