If You Had Wings/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride music

As an absolute fanatic of this bygone Tomorrowland ride, I'd appreciate knowing if any other cues from this attraction are floating out there beyond these, which I already have.

1-Dixieland version (from the ride itself) (1:14)
2-The original demo tape for the ride narrated and sung by Pete Renoudet, and done in less full arrangements then what was used.
3-The ragtime piano version from the "Ragtime At The Magical Kingdoms" CD.

I've also been searching in vain for the music that played in the queues and inside the ride for "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" in Disney World. It was a very fast playing group vocal version of "Nowhere In Particular" totally different from the "Background music" cue I've seen on several CD's that starts out as orchestral only for several minutes before a slower tempo vocal group kicks in.

Dr. Know


I have three mp3s of "If You Had Wings":

piano demo (3:19) excellent sound quality
full original attraction (6:25) very good sound quality
live recording, 1985 (4:35) lousy sound quality

Not sure how these match up with the versions you mentioned...

Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid those match up completely to what I have though (including the live audio for which I've got the home video that accompanies that recording). The full ride attraction in good sound is actually the demo tape done with smaller orchestral arrangements and one women's vocal group joined by Peter Renoudet for all the singing, but that's not how the final ride ultimately took shape (only the Dixieland track from the WDW Forever CD is an actual track from the ride's music mix). The piano piece is from the ragtime CD.

Dr. Know

Shame, really. I well remember the attraction from the early 1980s, and would love to hear its soundtrack. Thanks for the information on the tracks that I do have.