"if we could fly" song?


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I remember in the 80's I went on a ride at disneyworld.
I remembered loving the song so much i would keep going on the ride and all these years later it still flashes into my mind. trouble is I dont remember much about it, other than it sounded like bright upbeat bubblegum pop with a singer who sounded like barry manilow(although it wasnt him). the chorus started off with "if we could fly!' and I believe was the first song that was played as you got on the ride and then going into the tunnel into the heart of the ride in which some other music would be played. if anyone knows who wrote or performed this song please let me know.

I dont believe it was "if you had wings" which was the earlier version of the ride as I believe when the ride switched from if you had wings to if you could fly they ditched the old music and came up with that new song, the one I am talking about. so if anyone knows of this song, "if we could fly"give me any info you know, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
The short lived replacement for "If You Had Wings" was
"If You Could Fly". "If You Could Fly" opperated from 1987 to 1989, and was without a sponsor. For the most part, the attraction was almost identical to it's forerunner, however an entire new music track and song was written. "If you could fly...(on seabirdwings)"
had much of the same flavor as the original too, but with a very late 80's distinction......and like "If You Had Wings", some of the lyrics to "If You Could Fly" were almost unintelligible!....LOL. Too bad this too was left off the WDW Forever ststems to make way for extra Splash Mountain music! LOL.



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thanks for the info, but do you know who performed this song? trying to track it down so I can buy it and hear it again. wasnt sure what "on seabirdwings" meant?