"If I Didn't Have You" WINS the Oscar!

Congratulations to Randy Newman (the 16th time was the charm!) and to Pixar/Disney. "If I Didn't Have You" from Monsters, Inc. has JUST won the Oscar for best song from a motion picture! ;D

Another in a string of excellent Disney songs from Randy -- including "You've Got A Friend In Me" and "When She Loved Me".
Yes, great news about Randy(had to listen to the soundtrack again on the way to work this a.m.--I unfortunately missed his performance last night!)! This helped to offset my feelings about "Monsters" missing the Academy Award for Best Animated Film, the first in this category--boy, what a slap in the face to Walt, the originator of this entire genre!!!!! Well, what can you expect--when you stoop to bathroom humor in the first several minutes of a film, you know you've got the formula for success in today's world! Michael Zielski. P. S. Check my response to you under "The Hunchback" DVD topic.
I have never understood some of the negativity towards Shrek from some Disney fans. It is truley one of my favorite movies over the last 5 years. Yes they stuck some adult humor in there but I know my neices ages 8 & 11 never even noticed it. I think Eddie Murphy was just hilarious in the movie and I look forward to a sequel. I also love the music



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My then-fiance and I saw Shrek in the theaters. he thought it was good...I thought it was OK. I enjoyed the mild jabs at Disney characters (Pinocchio, Snow White, etc.) at the beginning. But the movie was no Toy Story!

Didn't get to see the Oscars last night, but heard that when Randy won and got a standing ovation, he came up to the podium and said he didn't need their pity .


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I was so excited for Randy! And he was up against some BIG names - Sting, Enya, Paul McCartney... I really wish Monsters, Inc. has won the Oscar, but I guess the Academy doesn't know a good movie when they see it. Harry Potter should have won best score, but LOTR had an nice score as well. Just not good a job as Williams did. Some surprises, some were no brainers. And Whoopi was a tad annoying. I really wish Billy Crystal had been the host. Just think of the fun they could have had - using Mike Wazowski in his place!



Oh, believe me, Monsters Inc was NOT a good movie. I am beginning to hate computer animation... They just concentrate in the completely wrong things (and wrong kind of humor) in them... I don't even want to see Shrek. Based on the clips I've seen, it'd be a waste of time. Those robot-like round-eyed characters only annoy me. Like Ice Age... :p
Back to the topic.. If I Didn't Have You really didn't deserve the Oscar IMO, but I'm not saying Randy didn't. Of course he deserved an Oscar, but it's quite ironic he got it now, when he has been nominated for far better songs in the past. Only shows the Academy doesn't vote based on who they think were the best.