Identify music from WDW Peoplemover


Real-life Harry Caul
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Can anyone identify the music heard in the follwoing clip from WDW's WEDWAY Peoplemover (circa late 70s/early 80s): Download (~1.1 MB, 128kbps mp3).

This segment was heard as you exited the If You Had Wings tunnel, rounded the Circlevision corner, and headed back to the boarding/disembarking area.

Having just reread some of the earlier, related posts, my worry is that the selection is from the Capitol Production Music / Media Music library (produced by Ole George).

BTW, this selection was more recently heard in the queue loop for the defunct Superstar Limo.
Yes, that WEDWAY BGM piece is from the Capitol Records
media music sets. It's called "PEOPLE OF LEISURE" It's available today, on their nostalgic seris (orange I think)
But it's gonna cost you a minimum of $600.00 for a use license....basicaly you cannot buy the cds. you rent them and pay usage fees along with your license fee. unless you have a radio station or production might be able to locate some of the old albums......the WDW and DL PeopleMover tacks came from record releases #8,(peach covers) #9 (white covers) #11 (light blue covers) .....these would be sets from around 1970- 1976.



Real-life Harry Caul
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Thanks for taking a listen and providing the detailed information, DL FLIGHT 295!

You seem to have all of the answers when it comes to this topic, as seen in this post and previous ones. I'll have to start snooping around for the old albums.

It appears that unlike other production music libraries, Capitol Production Music is completely absent on the web (although I was able to find an address and telephone number).


You wouldn't happen to have the full ride that your clip is from would you? I have been trying to find the original Jack Wagner or the Orac One Peoplemover speils or music for quite some time.