Idea: Live Symphonic Concert of Disney Park Music

You know how there's been a concert of all video game music called VIDEO GAMES LIVE (with an orchestra and fancy lighting and video montages) touring around the world for the past couple of years? I know this: gamers like myself are hooked on the under-appreciated music for the games in the same way that all of us posters live for the under-appreciated Disney theme park music. I hope that maybe someone could plan an awesome touring symphonic concert show devoted entirely to the music from the parks (and the movies that some of the attractions are based on), and by doing this, they could get more people to come to the parks, from the first-timers to those who haven't been in a long time...

You remember a couple of years ago, the Hollywood Bowl did a Disneyland 50th concert for the Fourth of July and they did songs from the parks? I don't see why this shouldn't get passed on throughout the world... I'm just throwin' that out there...

Club 33

Playlist Author
I agree- in fact I was just thinking about such a thing this morning. In particular I'd love to see some of the following performed live:
  • Fantasmic! Opening Sequence
  • Reflections of Earth
  • Space Mountain DLRP (Original)
  • Space Mountain DL (Giacchino)
  • Horizons
  • Ellen's Energy Adventure
  • Carousel of Progress (Original Disneyland Version)
  • From Time to Time/The Timekeeper (Original)
  • Phantom Manor
  • If You Had Wings
  • Soarin' Over California
  • The American Adventure/Golden Dreams
  • Epcot Entrance Medley
  • Journey Into Imagination
  • World of Color Finale
Thanks!!! Great idea, Club 33!

Anyone got other requests of music would like to see being performed live?
Personally, myself, I would also like to hear full scores of fireworks shows being played in the second act, like WISHES.

I'd like to see what would happen if they did some pieces written for synthesizer and then transcribe them for orchestra, like:
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (I can't wait to hear this)
Maybe an attempt at the Space Mountain Star Tunnel music?
CTX Theme
...and I'm sure I'm missing a few...

Brad Kelley has an awesome arrangement of the MSEP music that he conducted as part of the Disney on Classic concerts in Japan, and I was wondering what would happen if that were combined with the TDLEP Dreamlights finale music by Greg Smith (with "It's a Small World"), and that was saved for the last as an encore...

Hopefully there could also be some special guests to play with the orchestra:
Singers like Kal David (who could sing some songs from Sonny Eclipse)
or guitarists like Gary Hoey (who could do the California Screamin' and the Space Mountain '96 music, if Dick Dale can't make it).
Maybe even a narrator for pieces like "America the Beautiful," "Phantom Manor" (using as much of the original HM narration as possible), and "Adventure Thru Inner Space."

Maybe there would be a special repertoire for the holidays (Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth).

Any other ideas?