I need help with "Disney Dream Selection" CD's


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I've got a question for those of you that collect Japanese Disney CD's. I have several CD's that I would like to identify.

It seems to be a series called "Disney Dream Selection". I've got 6 of them so far, and they were released by Pony Canyon in 1999 and have a PCCBW in the catalogue #. They start out in order...like PCCBW-0003 through PCCBW-0007, but then skip to things like PCCBW-0035. So, they don't seem to be in a boxed set. Were they promos of some kind?

Does anybody know how many were in this series, and what they came from?

Thanks in advance for help.

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I have a few of these CD's as well. Someone on this board once told me that there was a set of perhaps 20 or so of these CD's. Apparently, they originally came in a box set with lithos and the like. I got mine indivdually off of Ebay. I was later told that maybe the CD's were then sold in the Japan Disney Stores separately. I would like to finish my set as well. I think the color and illustrations on them are far superior to any US release of the CD's.

Hope this helps some-



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I know what set you're talking about, and it's close, but not the one I mean. The one you have is called "Disney Dreams", and it's a set of 20 soundtracks from Snow White through Tarzan. I have that one too, and it's beautiful, but the CD's I'm talking about don't seem to be in a boxed set, but more like a series.

I'll try to post cover art of some of them, so that people know what they look like. There is one thing for sure though, WDR Japan LOVES the word "dream". They released "Disney Dream Selection", "Disney Dreams", "Disney's Music of Dreams", etc. Kind of confusing, huh?