I just bought Jungle Book 2 OST. Why?

Ah yes, what a long, strange trip it's been....those bygone days of Cream, Hendrix, CSN&Y, right up through Nirvana, interspersed with forays into Coltrane, Satchmo, and the Delta Blues, only to end up lost and rejected in the Maine Woods.....ah yes, where was I, doctor, let me get a little more comfortable on this here couch.....yes, uh, I think it really dates back to when my aunt moved to Norwalk, California back in the sixites, and started to write us back East and tell us all this stuff about that Disneyland place, which was like, right next door to her........anyway, look, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD was recorded back in 1981--and Eisner had nothing to do with it! Also, I liked the fact that it was subtitled "A Tribute to Walt Disney" specifically.....good sentiment, I felt it was probably worth checking out...... I really think I'm doin' OK--I'm also not getting the Mike Curb Generation CD.....I can only be pushed so far.....what can I say, getting back to Hendrix, "Purple Haze, was in my brain, lately things they don't seem the same--(now for the key line)am I happy, or in misery....."--I think I'm happy, doctor...... Mike.
I own BOTH Mike Curb and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CDs...and Sun Ra...and a ton of others. I would argue that they, indeed, have their good points. Most of my Disney CDs do.

Hell, I even like IASW as sung by Slim Whitman! ;D Its the yodeling part that sells it for me!

I'll even admit I like the SmashMouth version of I Wanna Be Like You on the JB2 release. But that's as far as I'll go.

My thread got hijacked a bit with all the talk about pin trading, etc. But what I'm really concerned about is why Sharon is in denial about her Aunt Myrna? I always found her to be a lovely woman, even if a bit eccentric.


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Aunt Myrna never did much for me. Your Auntie Grizelda, OTOH..... (seeing who gets the reference)

BTW, guess where I'M going tomorrow? First time since, oh geez, the fall? MGM! I'll look for that CD you were asking about.



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Heck, I figured it was just a Slim Whitman record that I didn't have yet .


MIKE F! I need your e-mail address again so I can tell you about a CD I saw at MGM today!
Whoops.....sorry, Sharon, about the Mike Curb Generation reference.....it's just that the cover photo(classic 70's) with the white-bell-bottomed happy folks brought back some frightening old visions of leisure suits and such....but if that CD is in the 10 Disney CD's that you still listen to, I'm there!

A yodelling Slim Whitman doing IASW.....a little scary.....missed that one......how about Chevalier doing it? Got that one(LP), I love him!

Thanks for the Nancy Sinatra reminder, Bean--I should dig out my old 45 of "Sugar Town"......now THAT'S the SCARIEST musical proposition in this whole thread, Jungle Book 2 included! Mike.

P. S. Anybody have the Eric Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra CD, "A Disney Spectacular"?


I love the arrangements on "A Disney Spectacular" (this was the first orchestral arrangement of Baroque Hoedown that I ever heard - my impetus for purchasing the cd in the first place). I also own the other two Kunzel cds, but hardly ever play them.
You're right about Baroque Hoedown, Shane--that certainly was a pleasantly different addition to the CD, whcih I was just listening to tonight--also, check out Dirk's current thread, concerning one of the composers of Baroque Hoedown, Jean Jacques Perrey. Mike.


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Sorry Bean. Kudos to you .

You get extra credit if you can name the Davy Jones solo song that has a strong Disney reference.