I just bought Jungle Book 2 OST. Why?

What's the matter with me? I was just in my local Wal-Mart -- and there it was! Just one copy. I don't know if its just out, or if its been out for weeks, or even if the store broke street date.

I picked it up, looked it over. Put it down. Picked it up. Liked the idea of SmashMouth doing "Wanna Be Like You". Rest of the songs said "Inspired by Disney's The Jungle Book 2". The last four said "from WDR's Wild Safarai Sing-Along". Very scary, indeed.

Then, in the fine print, I see the name of our old friend, Randy Thornton and I think, "this can't be all bad if Randy's involved." So, for $9.88, its mine. I'm still unsure as I approach the register. But, I also say to myself I haven't purchased any Disney music in a loooooooooooooong time. I think the Return to Neverland OST was my last purchase. Well, there WAS Disney Mania. (Where is ANY new WDW music?!?!)

So, as I sit here, typing this, I am listening to my CD of "The Jungle Book 2". The SmashMouth cut is fine and will be re-listened to. Oh. Right now Colonel Hathi's March from the original Jungle Book is playing (with J. Pat O'Malley). I forgot to mention that cut was included, too.

My lone track review will be of the "The Bare Necessities" with Goodman and Osment. ::) :-X How many synonyms for awful are there? I know I won't be going to see this movie, but I really wonder why, with all the fine impressionists there are in this world, Disney wouldn't have hired someone to impersonate Phil Harris if they HAD to make a sequel to The Jungle Book? I guess that begs the question why try to update that fine movie 35 years later? Of course, it DOES sound like Sully from Monster's Inc. is singing Bare Necessities.

I'm going to guess they aren't even going to try and deal with Louis Prima. But, that's just a guess. Why should I think I could ever understand what Disney will do?

Well, I've now heard it all. The Wild Safari Sing-Along songs are worthless and annoying. The entire CD clocks at 29:11!!!

Bottom Line. I shoulda left the CD in the bin. :mad:


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Well, and we wonder why there's nothing much to talk about regarding Disney music lately...

Although I really liked 101 Dalmatians 2 (I know I'm opening up a can of worms there), I have no desire to see Jungle Book 2, just based on what I've seen and the horrible voice casting. The reason I was drawn to 101 2 was that they got British actors to do the puppies, and got very close to recreating the original voices. John Goodman does not say "Baloo" to me at all, and I have not been impressed with his interpretation. I like him, and he did a great job as Sulley, but I agree, Mike, that his Baloo sounds like Sulley.
I loved John Goodman as...

Walter Sobchak in BIG LEWBOSKI. Having said that, I can't see him as Baloo. I have said it before, but even more than other classic Disney...this story was not crying out for a sequel


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Hello. My name is Sharon and I'm a Disney CDaholic. I have over 500 Disney CD's. I have some movie soundtracks in upwards of 8 languages, even though I only speak English and a smattering of Spanish. I have Disney instrumentals in symphony, piano, synthesizer, banjo and music box styles, to name a few. I have cover versions by every chorus you've never heard of. I have soundtracks to Disney movies that were seen by 4 people.

I listen to roughly 10 of my Disney CD's on a regular basis. The rest, I just have.

Stop me before I buy again!


I hear what you are saying, but I think I've got to agree with Bill. We are throwing our money away on crap. We've all discussed how we're not going to see the latest animated releases (albeit for different reasons). I'm really kind of mad for myself for buying the stupid JB2 CD. Lilo & Stitch OST was right next to it and I didn't get that.

I probably match up for you with most of your Disney CDs--and maybe might even top you in a couple of categories. (Wanna compare? I'll show you mine if you show me yours! ;))

But I'm past the point of buying just to complete the collection. That's why I'm hoping Trent responds to my post in another thread. I'm curious to hear his thoughts since he went cold turkey and gave up his entire collection. Something tells me he's probably pretty happy.

There's also the argument that if we don't buy the crap, maybe WDR will figure it out and issue quality material. Radical thought, eh?


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I tend to have obsessive tendencies, so i HAVE to have them all, even if they're crap that I'll never, ever listen to . I've given up on the hope that Disney'll EVER listen to us. Besides, the sucky CD's can't be selling well yet they still make sucky CD's.

My CD's are categorized Mike...I'll count how many I have in what categories one of these days.

Hey everyone, I hate to be contrary, and maybe I'm off the mark, but shouldn't we lighten up on this poor CD a little? No, I'm not planning on buying it at this point--I'm fairly compulsive about the soundtracks, but just have to filter out some of this other material(Sorry Sharon!). Anyway, this just looks to be a release aimed at a MUCH younger audience than MY crowd--at least Disney is putting out some music for those young ears, who nowadays are exposed to an ever-expanding barrage of "profanity over a rhythm track"(rap's definition per Wynton Marsalis). So on this level, I just can't completely discount CD releases like this as worthless.

Anyway, I'm not worried, my "CD" collection is very healthy, with a continuing supply of "new" material--thanks to CD-R's made of records from "the golden age" of Walt Disney Records--the REAL Disney--that's one vault of amazing treasures that Eisner can never close. Mike.


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Bill, Mike, I gotta tell ya. I tried. i tried SO hard. But I went to the Virgin Megastore at DTD tonight and it was there and it was calling my name..."Sharon, Sharon, buy me! I'm a Disney CD that you don't have. Buy me and add me to your collection!" I tried to resist. i REALLY did. But it was like I was possessed and had no control over my impulses and all of a sudden I had JB2 in my hands. And the Disney Princesses Sing-Along too.

I feel like such a failure.




don't feel guilty ... and if you really want to end your addiction: just tell yourself that with every new crap Disney-CD release you buy you pay some of the bonuses Michael Eisner will receive at the end of this year once again for steering the company through these difficult times (to cite the reason why he got a bonus for last year even so the company is faster and faster moving toward its won Amrageddon).

Oh ... and regarding myself: I haven't bought the CD ... yet - it is not out in Europe ... yet ;)

Advice from the West...

you really gotta try downloading from Kazza or newsgroups. :-X
It somehow feels "cleaner" when you rip off a overpaid bohemoth like the Disney music industry. (I use music loosely here)

But if its a classic or park collection or some RT project that gets a green light and (not something they are making him do..) then buy it by all means.

And Mike - Get a buddy to shrink wrap it and go get your 10.00 back! ;)

(No illegal activities are being suggested here. If you somehow surmise that they are then you are not thinking clearly and are in denial as to why most people have DSL) ;D


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Yeah, I have KaZaA but it's not the same. A list of songs isn't the same as having an actual CD to touch. But that "putting bonus money in Eisner's pocket" was a LOW BLOW, Jeff!

You have friends here Sharon.
Follow the twelve steps.

Get a picture in your head of hundreds of crazed pin collectors with the glazed over eyes spending thousands of dollars on the latest pooh pin, to try and cover the losses from California Adventure.
And then see Micheal E behind the store totaling the reciepts, growling Scroogelike at the CM's "No More Coal for the fire!, ... (grumbling) what do you think we are running here a charity.." You dont want to support this brand of pusher/terroism anymore..(maybe a bit harsh folks, but it may help with the withdrawls).

Now get up and go water your plants.


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A few comments.

1. Sorry...it was Dirk, not jeff that I was writing to at (I think) 2am last night

2. I don't have an Aunt Myrna

3. I used to be a pin collector. I'm on hiatus because they're milking it too much. So I won't buy more until the hoopla dies down.

4. I have some CD's in Mandarin.

5. It's raining so I don't have to water my plants today.

-Sharon Indenial-
Sorry Bill, I know Eisner's just looking for some easy money for his next cheesy scheme, but maybe some kids might go for this instead of Eminem.....or maybe I'm just dreaming again..... Anyway, let me go listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Tribute to Walt Disney CD(I'm still not going to get JB 2) I just discovered yesterday, while I sweat on the Nordic Track and think about the good ol' days......Mike.
Since we are in the confessional mode...

I have seen an Eminem show. I took my son and my step son to the UP IN SMOKE TOUR. Interesting experience. I would say that the crowd was at least 75% white, suburban boys and girls. I'm pretty sure that this is the audience they are marketing towards.

Anyway...I thought that it was more culturally relevant than AMERICAN IDOL. Music hasn't been that shallow, superficial and compromised since the pre-Beatles era

If Eisner thought that he could make money off of watered down Eminem, he would do it...