I have Parade of Dreams!

hi guys,
i came across this site and i saw that a lot of you guys are looking for the soundtrack to Disneyland's new parade "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams". It has not been released nationwide yet due, to some uncertain negotiations but, a friend of mine who is in the parade had a copy of the music and gave it to me. It has the full parade units but, it is not continuous as it appears in the parade evrey unit is seprate including the show stop "Welcome" it is the full show stop music which was originally planned longer running time. Its also in stereo!. So if anyone is looking for a copy please let me know there is some stuff that i would like to have in my collection so lets work something out.
the reason why Disney does not even trust their CMs to take CDs home anymore. Can you blame them really???

::rolls eyes::



Well, unfortunately for Disney, (and fortunately for us enthusiasts!) allowing the parade CMs to take the CD home is the quickest way to get everybody up to speed with the cues.
Same goes for the live action shows.

And if one happens to fall into the wrong hands every now and then.... ;)

That is so true, and as you know Derek in Paris there is NO control over the CDs at all. The music is readily available to those who want it.

Now I'm in WDW and I can see that it is quite similar here too!

It's just a shame that Disney cannot release all of their parade and show soundtracks. Parade of Dreams really needs to be released, I need it in my life! ;)

Have a magical day!


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It's true, rehearsal CDs are the best way to learn. A cast member who does his homework is sure to do a better job.

However, Disney is well aware of unauthorized reproductions of these rehearsal CDs, thanks in part to disucssions like this one. Disney is being *very* careful about things now. For instance, the new music for the Boo to You parade at Magic Kingdom is something many people are seeking, but they won't find it by asking a friend who's in the parade; parade cast was not allowed to take rehearsal CDs home to practice, as Disney was afraid of the music being leaked out.

While it's very likely that we all have some rare unreleased music track (we are Disney audiophiles, after all,) we've got to be careful in our choice of words. We wouldn't want Disney to stop the actual releases, either. That said, be careful when and how you brag about your newest find. :)



I agree! If you do have something, I wouldn't go blab on the net that you have it. See, now that Disney knows and is waking up to this, they are going to start to not let the cast take the cds home. Then of course, it is going to get a whole heck of a lot harder for people who want it to get it. illegally, of course.

all said and done, don't tell people you have it. if you do share it, do it in private, or let people know through private message.


of course, if certain people did their work right and got things in order, and the numbers people weren't so damn stingy or near-sighted, then the folks at WDR could release this stuff for actual purchase.
if TDR can do it, and don't see why we can't. to me, frankly, it is unacceptable.


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You may want to review the archives here, which go back to 1997, where we've discussed, ad nauseum, why it wouldn't make financial sense for Disney to release show and parade music here. Briefly, it has nothing to do with stinginess or being short-sighted...it's realizing that audiences in Japan are EXTREMELY different from audiences in the United States and there is very little interest in such CDs, stateside. YOU may want one and *I* may want one, but the few hundred people in the US who would be interested enough to purchase them (as opposed to the tens of thousands in TDLR), really isn't worth the time, cost or effort of getting them released. If it was, they would have started releasing them years ago.

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with all that negative attitude i don't think disney records will even release POD's! It's going be like snow white which was never released. And for your 411 the cd that was given to me was from an entertainment manager who's a close friend of mine at DLR!


Why not, it always livens up the posts. In fact I'll start it.

ahem, attention everyone, I have (insert your most coveted track here). Want a copy? Good, you can't have it! ;D


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I wouldn't mind a copy! But I aint willing to give away original discs as was requested, quite happy to e-mail songs through though!