I Got the Parent Trap LP...HELP!

I actually DO have a grounding wire...what do I do with it?
(I assume that is the wire that dangles off the back?)
hey gang! I FINALLY got a record player...sorry "TURN TABLE" and I have been futzing and putzing with it on my computer. I can finally transfer my PARENT TRAP (1961) LP to mp3 ---> CD

A quick comment about converting. If you are simply planning on making a CD from the LP, DO NOT RECORD TO MP3. It makes no sense to do that. The Audio is degraded when converted to MP3, which you will then have to try to upgrade when converting to wav to burn the cd. If you are just making a CD, record the audio to wav first. Then just burn it from the wavs. If you planning on simply making a collection of MP3's, then by all means, rip to MP3. Converting to and from MP3 loses quality every generation it gets converted.
Just my two cents. Good luck on your conversion, its not the easiest thing to do.




You have to attach the end of the grounding wire to any screw on the back of your stereo receiver (just twist it on), or any other piece of metal near by. The humming will be gone.



I recorded my Country Bear LP onto tape (about 10 years ago) then recently recorded the tape to wav. I can hear a slight hum (which of course drives me crazy ;) but I just figured it was because the turntable I was using was light, made of cheap plastic and picked up noise easily...

Is this possible as well?




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