I got my London POPPINS CD

I ordered my copy of "Mary Poppins" from amazon.co.uk and it was shipped on the 8th and got here on the 13th! I was VERY impressed! Also, after exchange rate and shipping and all, it comes to about $21. Not bad at ALL!

The CD is wonderful. All the voices are appropriate and fit the roles PERFECTLY. Laura Michelle Kelly's Poppins doesn't make you forget Ms. Andrews (shutter to think! LOL) but her warm tones and soaring soprano gives her a personable and comforting sound...she deserved her Olivier Award!

Gavin Lee as Bert...it's just nice to hear a GENUINE cockney accent!

The new arrangements of the classics are beautiful and the harmonies...practically perfect!

I don't know when/if this will be available for a lower price on an american record label, but I highly recommend this CD.


or Footlight.com

also, I have scanned some images from the CD booklet (not all of them, by any means)



enjoy! spit-spot! (and all that!)


I was listening to this last night (while driving to Disneyland), and I've got to say that I was really impressed. The classic songs were well-done, and the new ones were really enjoyable as well. I really liked the new lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious--pretty dangerous messing with a classic like that, but I think they really pulled it off.

Lem Siddons

Who designed the logo?! The impromptu chalk graffitti looks kind of schizophrenic. That might be more Mackintosh than Disney. Hope they drop that when it arrives over here.


Thanks for posting the links to sources that carry the new CD, Tommy. I can't wait to hear it. Mary Poppins has always been my favorite film, so I'm excited to hear the songs done in an new way.

I read that when she flies in on stage for the first time, cherry blossoms blow through the auditorium...and when she flies away in the end, she flies over the audience and over the balcony. Sounds wonderful. ;D